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Your poker set ups POST HERE!!!


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I have a really nice laptop that I love and I been looking at monitors and trying to get an idea of a new set up that I want and looking at stuff. I prolly wont be getting it for like a month or so, but I want to try and get some ideas. I definitley will be dualing monitors since thats what Im doing now, so post some pics, or descriptions of your sick sick set ups here.

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Hey P5's I have a 17" laptop and am looking to upgrade. Can anyone tell me what size Monitor I need in order to fit 6 tables onto my screen with no overlap and no unused screen space? Or 9 tables in tile mode using the full screen. As on Stars I can only fit 6 tables in 2/3 of my screen :( is this due to my screen size or should I be able to use the full screen with my laptop but am just incompetent and not doin sumthin right on Stars?

All help will be greatly appreciated. Thx

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