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Good Karma prize list--- 900 Registered! prizes awarded to entire FTable!


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Thanks to all who helped make this possible, we have had an amazing turnout! I will post a list with all who donated and the results after the tournament on sunday. prizes as follows (number indicates place finished) ---- PXF memberships (1,4,5,7,8) pokerpwnage memberships (2,3,6). ninth place will receive an autographed copy of the new Rizen book. All of our guest pro's may not be able to make it, if they cannot they have agreed that whoever wins the pot when they blind out will receive the bounty for that pro. I am taking donations still for the rose family fund, so if anyone is interested in donating to that just PM me. If you have registered or just don't mind, leave a comment so this will stay towards the top and people can find it. Thanks everyone! --- edit--- the bounties for those listed will be one hour of "mentoring." the definition of this varies by pro and they will fill you in when they contact you. it ranges from HH review to general strategy discussion, all great assets to anyones game--Guest Pro Bounties --doubledave22 --Jennifear --Grapsfan --ryanwelch --bcachopper602

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I owe everyone who joined this tournament an apology.

I apologize to the Rose Family, Dgillis, and everyone who attended.

I forgot about today's tournament. Somehow I did not mark this in my calender and did not keep my promise to appear.

This is not the organizer's fault. It is mine. Dgillis told me to register ahead of time, and I did not. He held up his end of the bargain. I did not hold up mine. Therefore, those of you who expected me to appear did not get that. I promised to attend, and I didn't.

Dgillis worked hard to make this tournament a rousing success (which I'm glad it was!) and he and the Rose Family deserved better than this from me.

My promise to donate a hand history review is going to be kept. I will let dgillis decide how to handle this, and who gets this prize. I will, of course, happily honor his decision.

I am also donating $100 to the Rose Family. I hope that it makes a difference.

Congratulations to today's winners as well.

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you weren't that bad pro-ch1. i suffered on the final table from a lack of chips, but enjoyed the tournament and got ninth. (Yes, i won the book). havent just signed up to tell everyone i placed, just didnt know of this site until after the game. Glad i found it though, good and informative, keep it up

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