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i feel like an idiot..anybody else check/fold here? $55 stt


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would bet/check turn or bet/fold to r/r be a better line here or what?

Full Tilt Poker Game #9226769190: $55 + $5 Sit & Go (Turbo) (70556969), Table 1 - 15/30 - No Limit Hold'em - 8:14:33 ET - 2008/11/29

Seat 1: Degarin (1,485)

Seat 2: strunss (1,470)

Seat 3: TEZERECTION (1,470)

Seat 4: iwillneverwin (1,500)

Seat 5: soccerfreakjj10 (1,500)

Seat 6: Tahlee (1,470)

Seat 7: 1890NMilwaukee (1,500)

Seat 8: xsailor2 (1,125)

Seat 9: Chrisram88 (1,980)

strunss posts the small blind of 15

TEZERECTION posts the big blind of 30

The button is in seat #1

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to soccerfreakjj10 [8c 8h]

iwillneverwin folds

soccerfreakjj10 calls 30

Tahlee has 15 seconds left to act

Tahlee folds

1890NMilwaukee raises to 90

xsailor2 calls 90

Chrisram88 folds

Degarin folds

strunss folds


soccerfreakjj10 calls 60

*** FLOP *** [3h 5h 6c]


soccerfreakjj10 checks

1890NMilwaukee has 15 seconds left to act

1890NMilwaukee bets 210

xsailor2 calls 210


soccerfreakjj10 folds

*** TURN *** [3h 5h 6c] [9c]

1890NMilwaukee bets 795

xsailor2 calls 795

*** RIVER *** [3h 5h 6c 9c] [5c]

1890NMilwaukee bets 30

xsailor2 calls 30, and is all in

*** SHOW DOWN ***

1890NMilwaukee shows [Ah Js] a pair of Fives

xsailor2 shows [As 9h] two pair, Nines and Fives

xsailor2 wins the pot (2,445) with two pair, Nines and Fives

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I will first say I dont play many stt's, but I will still give my opinion. I like the limp preflop. Im not trying to biuld a big pot from early position with a medium pair. The call of 60 is fine too. Keep in mind there arent a ot of flops that look good for 8's, so when you flop an over pair, I think you should lead out with it and find out where you are.

Having said how I would play it, I dont think playing passive in the early stages is a bad strategy. It allows the weak players to donk off their chips with things like AJ high. You can sit and wait for spots to be aggressive when you have the advantage, and a medium pair utg+1 isnt one of those spots.

Next time you post a HH, try not putting the results in, cuz this will affect peoples opinions. GL

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I don't like to ever open limp in sngs. I don't mind overlimping but I prefer to narrow the field. That being said, there is nothing wrong with your limp call line pre.

However, with taking this line it is an easy fold on the flop. You are just playing for set value with your hand in a 4 way pot, and you missed. Not only that, you have a bet that represents a good portion of your stack and call on a well coordinated board before it gets back to you. You should fold this 100% of the time.

IF they show up here with JJ and 55, or 1010 and Ahe Jhe this post never gets made. I think you are being results oriented one of the few times you are ever ahead in this spot.

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U played passive but fine....SNGs are about shoving late....to shove late you have to avoid going broke.....If this is a HU pot I take a slighty different line, but in a multi way pot all you can beat is a bluff. If its later and the blinds are bigger, or if you are shorter stacked then its different, but well played IMO.

And please post in Hand Advice.

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pre= well played, flop=instafold 100% bc like another poster said this is just a standard setmine. If you were in a HU pot you could lead the flop for like 2/3 pot and then play the player when called and facing a blank turn and just fold when the draws get there regardless of reads against non maniacs.

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I think check-folding the flop is a little weak. You could lead with a probe bet of 1/2 to 2/3 on the flop, then go from there. If you get called or played back at, you're obviously done with it. By betting you can define your hand without losing too much when you're beat. If you check, the original raiser will continuation bet this board most of the time and you'll have to fold, and you'll have no information about what he has.

Also with another player in the pot, the original raiser needs to actually have a hand in order to play back at you. He can't just re-pop your weakish probe bet with AK like if it was a heads up pot, because he'll be afraid of what the other player might do.

Edit: I read the hand incorrectly. I thought it was 3 way, but obv it's 4. In that case, I'd agree that a check-fold is probably better. Your hand isn't strong enough to be messing around against 3 other people from out of position. Against 1 or 2 opponents, I like the lead out, but against 3 I'm just releasing it without much thought.

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