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Is my turn check ok....rate my play


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0) - 2009/05/05 12:05:01 PT [2009/05/05 15:05:01 ET]

Table '160529321 82' 9-max Seat #6 is the button

Seat 1: monteaz (2730 in chips)

Seat 3: Ithfen (4860 in chips)

Seat 4: KliNiQ (3410 in chips)

Seat 5: väterli (3460 in chips)

Seat 6: CripsTruces (2970 in chips)

Seat 7: marcuss65 (2780 in chips)

Seat 8: ochtrup (790 in chips)

Seat 9: spevans (3000 in chips)

marcuss65: posts small blind 10

ochtrup: posts big blind 20

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to monteaz [Kd Ac]

spevans: folds

monteaz: raises 70 to 90

Ithfen: calls 90

KliNiQ: folds

väterli: folds

CripsTruces: folds

marcuss65: calls 80

ochtrup: calls 70

*** FLOP *** [Qc Ad Jh]

marcuss65: checks

ochtrup: checks

monteaz: bets 160

Ithfen: folds

marcuss65: calls 160

ochtrup: folds

*** TURN *** [Qc Ad Jh] [5d]

marcuss65: checks

monteaz: checks

*** RIVER *** [Qc Ad Jh 5d] [9d]

marcuss65: bets 100

monteaz: calls 100

*** SHOW DOWN ***

marcuss65: shows [Qs 9h] (two pair, Queens and Nines)

monteaz: mucks hand

marcuss65 collected 880 from pot

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot 880 | Rake 0

Board [Qc Ad Jh 5d 9d]

Seat 1: monteaz mucked [Kd Ac]

Bet more on flop? Its a scary board.....bet turn....i could be getting trapped very easly right?

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Bet the turn here for at least the size of the pot and your opponent doesn't catch his two pair. When he just called the 160 on the flop, I think that was a dead giveaway that he was still looking to draw, and the check on the turn also signifies that. But yeah as you probablly already understand, your pair of Aces was good on the turn and you have to give your opponent the tough decision of calling a medium-large sized bet to chase after his draw.

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yeah the pot is 360 on the flop, I'd bet at least 200 or more.

Then you absolutely need to bet the turn. A king could be really bad news, even the nine could be bad from loose player with T8 here. You're missing serious value not betting the turn alot of drawing second rate hands will call here.

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he made a horrible call in the small blind with Q9 but before you know his cards, I would put him on small pair or suited connectors. Once that flop comes, only player I'm worried about is Ithfen. Once he folded on your flop bet, the other guy had to be chasing. I can see why you checked in case he had the straight or but he would have raised u with 2 pair sicne the straight draw is on the board. He either had a weak hand or the nuts. nothing else.

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