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Best "new" MTT player of 2009?


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eeetee2008 or jalman. I'm sticking by it. Rock seems like a solid (BAHAHAHAHAHA. No pun) mention too. He's been killing shit. Blackfours (maybe im oblivious) has never not won cause he's the man? Same w/ Boski. I feel a lot of these mentions have been people that have been consistent over the last year or two and now are just getting huge cashes. How bout people that have actually broken out in MTTs?

Obv. not to take away from anyone mentioned. Gutshtallin will get there soon enough :)

Edit: Holy sht how bout the guy who (as of this edit) posted above me? Sublime?

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Gboro levels ITT, doubt there's anybody he doesn't rape.

Not that I'm full of myself or anything, but pretty shocked I'm not even in this discussion until page 4.

I just started in on this thread and I was thinking the same thing. I thought I would be the first to list your name but I guess it is a little better coming from Gboro.

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