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Laois Hammer

Stars f**ked for anyone else???


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i cant open the cashier or reg for anymore 180s / anything

*Staff Edit* - response from PokerStars below

PokerStars Site Issue - 12 October 2009

BryanS - PokerStars

Oct 12, 2009 4:31 PM


Hello, everyone... as promised I'm back with more information. We had a technical issue with the site today which affected many players connected at the time. We regret the situation, and of course will deal with all requests for compensation as expeditiously as possible. To that end, if you believe that you were affected by this issue in a tournament, please email us with the subject line:


"REFUN Txxxxxx, $a+b buy-in, USERID"


where "xxxxxx" is the Tournament ID, "a+b" is the buy-in of the tournament (for example, $20+2), and "USERID" is your PokerStars User ID.


Please be sure to replace "xxxxxx" and "a+b" with the actual tournament number and buy-in for fastest service (though all refunds may may take 48 to 72 hours to be issued).


We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Took them two weeks to refund me for the last time this happened. Should be fun waiting to get refunded for 22 tournaments. I dare them to suggest there is something wrong with my ISP one more time. BryanS, anything that can be done to make this right? It's starting to drive me crazy.

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