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Interview with Tristan "Cre8ive" Wade at PCA


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originalWe interviewed PocketFiver Tristan Cre8ive Wade less than an hour ago after he completed Day 1B at the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Congratulations to all PocketFivers who survived Day 1 and best of luck to our members tomorrow in Day 2! PCA Day 1A recap


PocketFives: Thanks for taking time out following a busy day at the tables, tell us about your first day at the PCA...

Cre8ive: I just finished Day 1 of the PCA Main Event. I ended with 46,000 (around average stack). I played one really interesting hand during the second level of play. A guy who was playing pretty tight, who is a big cash game player, he made it 500 in 2nd position at 75/150 blinds. A LAG player from Greece called from the button and I called with Jspade.gif Jclub.gif in the small blind.

The flop came Jheart.gif 9heart.gif 7heart.gif and we all checked. The Turn was 3spade.gif and I led out for 850. The initial raiser folded and the button called. The river was 7diamond.gif, giving me the 3rd nuts, and I checked because I figured it was a good card for him to bet considering how the hand played out. He bet 1,850 and I check-raised to 6,450. I made a large check-raise because I really felt he had a seven. He then re-raised me 6k more. I figured his range as either nines, sevens, Theart.gif 8heart.gif, or a bluff. I ended up just calling instead of putting in my last 15k, which he said he would have snap-called, and he had 99. I thought just calling there was fine because typically the players I'm playing against would fold two nines there if I jam the river.

PocketFives: Tell us about the atmosphere at this year's PCA...

Cre8ive: The atmosphere is great. We have a bunch of internet kids here meeting each other for the first time. We play against each other all the time online so it's nice to put a face to the name of an internet ID. Everyone is having a good time... even people that lose still seem happy because we're in the Bahamas.

PocketFives: What's your strategy going into Day 2

Cre8ive: I'll get to the table on Day 2 and see the stacks around me and see who they are. There are a lot of good players in this tournament and a lot of internet qualifiers so there's not really too many soft spots. It's a long tournament and just surviving Day 1 is good, but there are 5-6 more days of play I'm just going to take it how it comes and see what happens.

PocketFives: What are your thoughts on the tournament structure?

Cre8ive: The structure is amazing. It speeds up here and there, but it's slow enough that you don't have to panic. I still did see people getting shorter-stacked than they should get, but there's room for play throughout the whole tournament. It's basically just like the WSOP Main Event. I'm excited and hoping I can make a deep run.

PocketFives: What are your plans between now and Thursday, when Day 2 begins?

Cre8ive: I'm actually really tired. I got a workout in this morning, which was a bad idea. I was really tired at the tables, but luckily we only had to play eight levels. I'll probably get to bed early tonight and get ready for a successful Day 2.

PocketFives: Thanks again for your time Tristan. Best of luck to you on Day 2 and beyond!

Cre8ive: Thank you. I apprecaite it.

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ButterFlyWin on Cake. Tristan is an up and coming online tournament talent who has had success in high stakes MTTs. His largest score came in December '09 when he took down the PokerStars $100 rebuy tournament for $25,800. Two weeks later, he would win that same event for another $20,600. His other key scores include a victory in the Full Tilt Poker $60k Guarantee for $17,700 along with a deep run in the FTOPS $300 rebuy event for $15k. In January 2010, Tristan signed as an instructor with DeepStacks University.

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