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Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

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FYI, not following the rules below will result in your post content being deleted and a warning. Multiple offenses will lead to a short-term ban from the site. See http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/official-site-site-transfer-thread-588443/index5.html#post5576056.

If you would like to discuss the site-to-site transfer policy, please see the discussion thread:



I'm happy to announce that PocketFives is now allowing site-to-site transfer requests to take place on the site. Every transfer request must be in this thread. You cannot make new threads with transfer requests. There are some VERY important terms and conditions you must adhere to:

1) You must include your usernames in your post (just to be clear, you need to put your screennames in posts where you accept offers as well). Do not just post that you want Stars for FTP without saying which names you want to send and receive with. You should also include an amount or a range of amounts in your request as well. Copy and paste the following format for your requests:

I have $100 on Stars (starsname)

I need $100 on Full Tilt (ftpname)

2) You cannot request PayPal transfers in either direction. You can trade poker site money for gift cards, e-wallet funds, bank transfers, or cash in person. This is a rule change (June 24, 2011)

3) You can offer a trade where you are charging a fee. You can also offer a trade where you are willing to pay a fee.

4) Do not send unsolicited PMs to anyone on the site as this is considered spamming and will likely result in a ban or minimally a permanent loss of PMing privledges. This includes PMing someone that posted in the thread already, you should go ahead and post with your screennames that you are interested in their trade before sending them a PM.

In addition, you should be very careful about being scammed. If you follow the following guidelines, you might get scammed. If you don't follow the following guidelines, you WILL get scammed. No trades in this thread are backed in any way, shape or form by PocketFives and we will not reimburse you regardless of which rules you follow. There is risk in sending money to anyone, let alone strangers.

1) Do not believe the screen names in someone's profile (or whatever they claim via PM or in this post). Those names are strictly for preliminary review on your part. While most screennames are correct, we don't have a verification program to know for sure that someone is who they say they are. The best way to verify someone is to have them sit down at an empty cash game table with enough money to prove they can do the transfer with you. Don't believe a screenshot, email or anything that can be faked.

2) If you don't feel comfortable with the amount of money you're sending, do the transfer in increments. For instance, if you're trading $500, you might want to start with $50 to make sure the person isn't just going to run off with the money. You can then proceed to do small increments or step up the amounts, depending on your level of comfort.

3) Pay attention to things like post counts, registration dates, the games the person plays (obviously verify it's actually them), etc. If someone registered a long time ago, has a lot of posts and plays a lot of 100 rebuys, you can be pretty sure they are not scamming you. That isn't to say the risk is zero, but it's very low assuming you do all of your other background checking. Someone who has a recent registration date is much more likely to be a scammer, although, of course, they could be legit.

4) Never send any amount of money that you cannot afford to lose. Before you hit the send button, ask yourself if you would be okay without the money you're sending. If the answer is no, don't send it. There is always a chance you won't get it back.

If you get scammed, there is basically nothing that PocketFives can do outside of banning the scammer. We CANNOT get your money back or get involved with getting your money back. The poker sites themselves probably won't care either. If you transfer to someone and they don't transfer to you, the money is lost. Sorry.

All of that being said, if you're careful and vigilant, this should be a great thread for legit P5ers to move money around.


There are a lot of good hints and tips in this post from ilovescotch.

Also see this post by Nofx Fan regarding scammers who send first then charge back their site purchase.

More good tips from wackyJaxon here: http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/official-site-site-transfer-thread-588443/index164.html#post5976351


READ THIS: Renster gets scammed for $900


2+2 has a good list of scammers here.



There is a scammer who is making many accounts on 2+2 and P5s simply for the transfer threads. He is finding online usernames that are close to those of well-known players and he is entering their names into his P5s profile. Then he asks for you to send to a horse of his. Do not believe this story. While it is not a "rule" that you can't send to a horse, you're being stupid if you believe that someone just registered a few days ago, barely has any posts, happens to have many hundreds of thousands in cashes and conveniently wants the money sent to a "horse".

Don't be stupid, otherwise you'll get scammed.

Edited by wackyJaxon
Allowing e-wallet trades, bank transfers, gift cards, or cash in person
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i wanna be first!

i want $5 on stars, i will give $5 on tilt

deoxyribo (torrance) on stars

ddeoxyribo (T, avatar changes, big dog at the moment) on tilt


shipped $5 on stars,

Tilt - okse54 (N, white dog)

Stars - okse54 (new york)

is this thread gona be stickied?

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I can do $500 on Stars for $500 on FTP. The_Baby_Bull on stars (frog), 44-Skadoo (Los Angeles) on Stars. Please let me know. Thanks.

I will do $100 if you'd like.

Stars - ugain2004 (Hartwell) i'll ship $100

Tilt - blingbling13 (Hartwell) u ship $100

Guess I'll be one of the Guinea pigs for this new deal. I'll take the action from both, but since one of you has a 2-digit post count you'll certainly have to send first. Baby Bull, PM sent...

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Guess I'll be one of the Guinea pigs for this new deal. I'll take the action from both, but since one of you has a 2-digit post count you'll certainly have to send first. Baby Bull, PM sent...

I'm fine with that, I'll send when I get home from work. Not a scammer, and just joined P5's a few months ago hence the low post count. I'll ship later this evening.

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im willing to do the remainder

okse54 on both sites (new york, white dog)

so $400 from MuckRakerMVZ to okse54 on FTP and $400 from okse54 to JJ Progeny on Stars? I'm cool with that. Post again to confirm on $400 and let's get this party started...

Oh yeah... (Seattle, chicken)

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