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Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

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Have Stars (jusgivithere)

Need 888 (jusgivithere) up to 1k

Need Party (eatschips) up to 1k

Need Titan (thegotskillz) up to 1k

Have done several successful transfers in this thread.

Unless you are well known / I know u, then you will have to send first

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Anyone trade monies on sportsbook.com??

I have about £860 and verification is taking forever.

Have £860 on Sportsbook.com (preyingomantis)

Want £850 or so anywhere else, really. Bank wire preferred.


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Have Chase, BoA, Netspend, GD Money Pack Buying up to $5000 on Carbon (LTUFlawless), Lock (LTUFearless), RPM (LTUFearlesss) Hero (DirectoriusHero) or BCP (Directorius)

Can do smaller amounts

Sharkscope my carbon name LTUFlawless


Also I can do some transfers from merge to merge. PM if interested

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Anyone want to make a quick & easy £200?

I have £1524.10 on Sportsbook.com that I want to get off (preyingomantis). Verification and withdrawal is going to take about 14 days, and I kind of need the money urgently. Would anyone be willing to trade me £1300 on moneybookers for £1500 on sportsbook.com.

It would be less than 14 days if you make a deposit via moneybookers/neteller (I wish this is what I did) instead of visa debit.

Would be happy to Skype, phone, email, or meet in person if that makes life easier.

Have traded on here before - and can provide reference.



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From this thread......

trainwreck26 May 6th

darockyroad May 10th

dirk20 May 12th

And now theapester

Also said that you were banned from 2+2 due to infractions. Care to explain? Not accusing you of anything but the burden of proof is definitely on you.

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Thats when you could change your sns on cake before they switched to revolution and i did get banned for infractions IVE NEVER SCAMMED ANYONE i have a new account on 2+2 and mike the moderator even allowed me to keep my new account b/c my old was just banned due to me not posting sns

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