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Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

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As a reminder, its holiday time and the scammers/thieves/lowlifes/sociopaths are out there trying to get the best of your holiday spirit. If someone is acting sketchy, please report them to me and/or post in this thread so we can get them before they scam someone. Also, when someone has few posts, or is a new member, or only lists their sending site in their profile and insists you send first, it is most likely a scam. If someone is asking you to send to an account they won't list in their profile or is different than their profile name, pls use common sense and investigate. If someone is asking you in PM to discuss over AIM/Skype/MSN/etc. this is usually a sign something is up as well as they try to trick you with stories.

Also, don't be fooled by added money. Even if they are willing to send first, its possible that you are being sent fraudulent funds that you won't be able to cash out and might even freeze your account for being in association with. There are plenty of traders on here with good trades, you should do your best to stick with those and once again, if someone is acting sketchy, please report so we can look into.

Search this thread if someone said they had a trade. If someone has references, call them out on it and ask their references to shoot you a PM before trading. Use google as if they may have been banned from other sites using both their sending and receiving names.

Best to stick to trades with regulars, most of the time it goes well, once in awhile (snowman2k6 comes to mind) someone will still scam even when they have been here for awhile. Do NOT trade money you can't afford to lose, and don't be afraid to send in incriments.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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in case this looks too good to be tru, I'm desperate because I have been trying for awhile now. I will ship first if you are reputable. I have many trades itt, including ones with mods, references, etc. I am giving away $50. Any takers?

Looking for $950 on STARS. In return, I will ship $1000 on FTP

bdubz9180 on both sites, I have traded many times itt.

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Have Full Tilt/Ub (Zach_da_Muppet)/(dakidcudi)

Wants Stars (babydaddy315)

pm me please have references...

This is an example of a guy just keeps creating accounts and trying to scam. This guy has been banned, but will try to get you to yahoo or aim him and pull a bait and switch. You will be scammed if you trade with him.

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