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Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

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Want: 5k Cake Poker (Dontgetit)

Have:Pokerstars (Bushaltefoli), Lock (HeartbeatAngel), PartyPoker (Dumbo_72o), True Poker (Bushaltefoli),Moneybookers, Neteller, Carbon (Jenni83),BCP (Jimbo77777),Minted (Dumbo7777)

Have several trades here. Flawless history, therefore its unlikely me sending first...

PM Me....

Confirmed traded $1k Cake (Jspitz00) for $850 moneybookers... Smooth transaction sent in increments.. Highly recommended

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To remind potential traders of some helpful hints. To people that have seen warning in the past, most of this is redundant, however, some tips for other people to live by. I will be bumping this post periodically over the next couple of weeks since the scammers are out. You will most likely get scammed if you don't follow all of the below, and unfortunately not only out money and some headache, you are also encouraging the scammers to come here.

1) Do not trade via paypal, first its against the rules of this thread. Second, the transactions can be easily reversed, especially since gaming transactions are not allowed via paypal. Third, paypal can shut down your account temporarily or perm.

2) Do not send first to people with low post counts, recent sign-up dates, and no reported trades in this thread. Do not listen to people when they say I am so and so on twoplustwo as its a lie 99% of the time if they have low post counts here. Do not just accept a copied and pasted email from someone that a transaction has gone through as these are 99% fake.

3) Make the person you are trading with post in the thread with their screennames. If they are not doing this, both you and them are violating the rules of the thread and instead the PMs should be reported.

4) Google search the names and email address that the people are giving you.


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When someone send you cash in moneybookers and is account is flaged as gambling if you are american and got money from that person you cannot withdraw it. You will need to contact him and request for a reverse. Or else Try to trade that money for other sites you can withdraw the cash.

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Traded my $300 Cake (SorryImDrunk) for his $250 Carbon (Megawarrior). My first trade on here. We did $50 first, then successfully completed the rest. Everything went smooth and quick. Would recommend to any first timers for sure...


Traded my $300 on Cake to Carbon with SorryImDrunk.

Carbon (megawarrior), (SorryImDrunk)

Cake (megawarrior), (SorryImDrunk)

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