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Official Site to Site Transfer Thread

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hey nc. new to this so sry if this isnt correct way to reply (i know there are pms as well) but have acct on acr and looking for bcp if interested. wiilling to sit at table to verify and i can send first, can do in small increments. respect if not interested as i am a new user, but ur reputation speaks for itself and id be more comfortable with a respected user as urself pls pm if interested

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I have up to 1k on Juicy Stakes (SorryImDrunk)

Selling at .6 for Cash In Hand this weekend at The Chicago Poker Classic at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN.

Selling at .75 for Chase QP, GDMP, Bank Wire or Western Union/Money Gram

PM me with Skype name to discuss further




Agreed a trade Juicy for wire with Eric (SorryImDrunk) a week ago. He send 50% first, then I sent the wire. Until now he did not send the remaining 50%.

We had the last skype discussion on Wednesday where he confirmed that he received the wire and wanted to send the remaining Juicy. After that discussion he was not online in Skype, did not react on my PMs or Emails.

Had several trades before with him without any issues.

I will update in case of any news

Still no feedback from Eric, therefore I assume he switched sides and can be considered as a SCAMMER!!!

Anyone interested to get in contact with him personally drop me a PM. Hes from Elkhart, Indiana.

Tme to get in touch with his relatives... ;D

Dont trade with him!!!

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Have: $800 Lock (Jonathon Fis)

Want: @.60 BoA, Chase QP(you have to have account and very reputable trader)

$100 min

No trading history itt but have many successful trades in 2+2 transfer thread (JonathanFisk). Willing to send first to reputable traders. Please PM if interested...

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