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HUD and Trackers for MAC


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andystone    0

Hey peeps,

I currently use Pokerstars on my MAC and I've been searching high and low for a good HUD tracking software. I've managed to find 4, 2 of which are pretty new, however, I have not found any decent reviews on the net, only through sites where they want you to download it and may well display some bias.

They are;

Poker Lens

Poker Tracker 3

Poker Copilot 2


Copilot I believe is the older one of the three and has addressed some previous issues, but, I have not seen any reputable walts and all reviews of such clients. If you have experience of using them, please advise. Thanks in advance.



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dastinger    0

Hey, Andy

I never tried Poker Tracker for MAC but tried it for Windows and didn't like it compared to Hold'em Manager. But I am a Mac user for 3 years now and bought a license to Poker Copilot and until now I don't regret it a bit. Sure it has issues but what software doesn't when it depends on other software's updates? And for a one man job (PCP is only developed by one person) it's a great software, constantly updated, and such issues (minor until now) are promptly fixed. I bought it in November 09 and since then, PCP has A LOT of new features so imagine it a year from now.

It's affordable to buy compared to other trackers, Steve's (developer) blog is constantly being updated, the software too and it's the simplest tracker I've ever used..almost no configuration needed and has all you need. I'll be honest, there are some features that would make the difference and, for now, PCP is lacking them but, from what I've seen on the past year, updates with them and much more are on the way. I'd definitely go for it, your choice now obv ;)

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Fumak0taro    0

PokerCopilot hands down! Steve's support is top notch and he roles out great features constantly. My only gripe is that you cant filter HUD stats by #of players at the table which is a big one for SNG players. But I'm sure that feature is in the pipe works somewhere. Other then that is does everything better then PokerTracker.

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This one looks pretty dece. How is it?

Look at the screenshots, this one ROCKS! :) (you have to fall in love with the sessions shown using a candlestick graph)


Seriously that said, I'm the main Poker Lens developer so I'm glad to see someone mentioning our software and it prompted me, at last, to open a P5 account : )

I can't tell you that it's the best, because you wouldn't believe me, but I can give you some background on Poker Lens.

Poker Lens is still a beta, yet there are very frequent players (including several PokerStars supernovas) using it daily to play on 12 to 24 tables (I myself 12-tables in tiled mode).

As long as its going to be in beta, it is going to be free.

The thing is: there's hardly any documentation yet and we haven't really started to market the software yet. We're too busy making it rock.

I'm a huge volume cash player: I've played a number of hands in the 7-digits range. I was dissatisfied with what was out there so I started writing a tracker "just for me". Then people convinced me to make it available for everyone.

My main priorities are: correctness of the stats, tiny DB size (smaller by at least one order of magnitude than any other tracker), speed and full customization.

To give an example, you can import 2 million hands in a matter of *minutes*, including correct (even in the most complicated multi-ways pots) AIEV cash game graph.

The hand importer is so fast that as of now I don't even bother saving the DB to disk yet: re-importing hands takes only a few minutes (even if you have millions of hands), so for now users simply either leave Poker Lens open or re-import hands when they launch Poker Lens. It's so fast it's not an issue. And anyway the DB shall be persisted to disk before 1.0.

I didn't want to write yet another slow tracker, so I came up with something else. Not only has it established a record by importing 2 millions hands in less than two minutes (on an octo-core, reaching 17000+ hands/second), it can also do stuff like "AJs vs 88+ vs 22+" 40 times faster than PokerStove (doing a real full enum). I haven't yet included the PokerStove-like functionality in the software (but it is used internally, to fastly compute the $AIEV): it is simply to give an idea of what is behind the hood.

The stats are a bit different too. For example typically you don't care about what the overall 4bet% of someone is, because that stat hardly has any meaning. What you care about generally is when a player does a pfr, how it will react to a pf3b.

So Poker Lens has as "pfr-vs-pf3b: raise%", which is the pf4b but only when the player doing the pf4b is also the pfr (who got 3bet by someone else and now has the opportunity to do a pf4b).

(actually there are three stats here: pfr-vs-pf3b: fold%, pfr-vs-pf3b: call% and pfr-vs-pf3b: raise%, that latest one is NOT the pf4b and is, imho, much more interesting)

Anyway : Poker Lens is still a beta and it is not as advanced as the two big windows trackers. But I'm pretty confident its foundations are sound and mean and we'll keep on improving the rest and adding new features.

Anyone with a Mac can try it and any help/suggestion is most welcome.

Remember that there's not much documentation so it may take a while to get used to it but it is fully functional: there are players using it daily to make a ****load of money at the table (the most I've seen is a beta-tester who posted a screenshot where he made 200K in one month: why oh why am I wasting my time writing this tracker instead of playing ; )

Most Mac-compatible sites are fully supported.

Woohoo! I've got a P5 account now :) [i've lurked here since a long time]


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