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I am amandaw111. This is my story.


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I was a prominent player on UB and one day when I tried to cash out a lot of money, they decided to take it. To this day I have had no recorse. I am tired of this b.s.

I have over 60 minutes of authentic video recorded yesterday with 3 seperate people at UB. They said many incriminating things including the fact that they dont care that an underage player played, (my ex roomate) deposited, and withdrew on their site. That they took my money, his money, and that nothing could be done about it.

When I asked if they resolve conflicts in costa rica via threat, they said yes.

I want this to get to the right people as I have a ton of evidence including lengthy email chains.

I will let the pocketfives.com community decide how I should proceed.

The amount they stole is over $40,000 between the 2 of us.


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Well this thread takes the cake. It reinforces why I have always played for very little money online. I always knew it was easy to cheat but OMG. In one breath we have a player complaining about 35K he can't collect but he openly admits to having multiple accounts on several sites and to also colluding in a tournament hehe.

I also get the impression this player has some "skills" BUT as I have always told my friends. I know alot of very good players who can't hold onto there bankroll. Bankroll management is a large part of being a good poker player. Why do these very talented players always need to be backed? I have been grinding away for six plus years online and in casinos and I am barely an average player and I always have enough to play my tourneys and eat dinners at casino without asking wife for a penny.

I am still trying to decide if it would be a good thing or a bad thing for the people who hold the fate of legalizing online poker to read this thread.

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