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Spot vs MastaP in the early ante


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Okey, this is a pretty interesting spot for sure. Masta usually plays pretty aggressive, but he's also playing lots of tables (I presume), so I dont know if he's going to make many moves. But me and this german donk(<3) are friends, and I know he wants to own my soul pretty hard.

Obv he knows that I know this, so it all comes down to who's backing out first I guess.

So, what do you guys think he shows up with here? And would you play this hand any differently?

Full Tilt Poker Game #24997866957: $25K Super Stack (Early Antes) (193380630), Table 23 - 25/50 Ante 5 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:02:57 ET - 2010/10/25

Seat 1: Sv3nnO (4,675)

Seat 2: digit67 (5,055)

Seat 3: Schwags (5,975)

Seat 4: ApesAreFun (4,137)

Seat 5: shisho71 (9,613)

Seat 6: grigoletti (4,945)

Seat 7: Schwartson (10,060)

Seat 8: MastaP89 (4,708)

Seat 9: FISHMENOT_86 (5,370)

Sv3nnO antes 5

digit67 antes 5

Schwags antes 5

ApesAreFun antes 5

shisho71 antes 5

grigoletti antes 5

Schwartson antes 5

MastaP89 antes 5

FISHMENOT_86 antes 5

Schwags posts the small blind of 25

ApesAreFun posts the big blind of 50

The button is in seat #2

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to ApesAreFun [Tc Ts]

shisho71 folds

grigoletti folds

Schwartson folds

MastaP89 raises to 150

FISHMENOT_86 folds

Sv3nnO folds

digit67 folds

Schwags folds

ApesAreFun calls 100

*** FLOP *** [3d 4c 3s]

ApesAreFun checks

MastaP89 bets 185

ApesAreFun calls 185

*** TURN *** [3d 4c 3s] [Jc]

ApesAreFun checks

MastaP89 bets 385

ApesAreFun has 15 seconds left to act

ApesAreFun calls 385

*** RIVER *** [3d 4c 3s Jc] [4h]

ApesAreFun checks

MastaP89 has 15 seconds left to act

MastaP89 has requested TIME

MastaP89 bets 1,385

ApesAreFun has 15 seconds left to act

ApesAreFun has requested TIME

ApesAreFun: oh man

ApesAreFun calls 1,385

*** SHOW DOWN ***

Edited by ApesAreFun
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Im liking the discussion this hand got. TY to all for giving me your input. Yes, its difficult for u guys to make a decision based on mine and mastaPs history.

In this case, masta had aces. So he got me to hero with my tens here. Well done <3

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