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PokerStars Game #52894430608: Tournament #331148382, Hold'em No Limit - Level XVII (400/800) - 2010/11/18 13:06:23 ET

Table '331148382 159' 9-max Seat #7 is the button

Seat 1: Seewolf63 (47140 in chips)

Seat 2: halfbreedg69 (17295 in chips)

Seat 3: nbk_oli (28484 in chips)

Seat 4: ehumes06 (15818 in chips)

Seat 5: nicky13_46 (17087 in chips)

Seat 6: cuuum (8410 in chips) is sitting out

Seat 7: kolonja (16496 in chips)

Seat 8: V.V.1974... (18415 in chips)

Seat 9: lehin30 (19863 in chips)

Seewolf63: posts the ante 100

halfbreedg69: posts the ante 100

nbk_oli: posts the ante 100

ehumes06: posts the ante 100

nicky13_46: posts the ante 100

cuuum: posts the ante 100

kolonja: posts the ante 100

V.V.1974...: posts the ante 100

lehin30: posts the ante 100

V.V.1974...: posts small blind 400

lehin30: posts big blind 800

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to ehumes06 [Ks Js]

Seewolf63: folds

halfbreedg69: folds

nbk_oli: folds

ehumes06: ??

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I think you can open to 2-2.25xish and fold to resistance behind you. May be wrong.

I don't think raise/folding is really an option sitting on 20bb seems to spewy, I might open it from CU/BU but not from your pos..

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Yeah I thought it was kind of borderline. I was just thinking if you fold you still have a good stack to shove and obviously picking up pots like that are really significant to your stack. I would probably base it alot on what I thought I could get away with based on table image and how opponents behind me are playing. Idk I think I tend to struggle with spots like this too tbh

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Yeah, after thinking about it more I would be folding here unless everyone behind me were nits and I was confident I was taking it down a high % of the time. If this is the case though, you can also open weaker hands than KJ because of the stack sizes behind you. Since everybody is close to 20 BBs max, its likely that anyone who does decide to play against your open is going to shove. Since it is unlikely that you will see a flop, and you are folding to a raise, it doesn't matter that KJ flops better than alot of other hands. You would be opening to take advantage of the nits at your table, and your hand strength wouldn't matter very much. But unless I am confident people are very tight I'm folding it.

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I'm not folding this. If the table is nitty and/or you won't be getting 3bet very often, then open to like 2-2.2x or whatever. Otherwise, I'd just jam and be fine with it. Pretty much a combo of what eDaN and Spissos said.

What tourney is this anyway?

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think i fold if playing well and probly raise 2.5x ish a lot of times and fold to reraise from any villain

think not optimal play obv as if raise with 20ish bb need to preparded to commit rest of chips imo

so overall think fold best option... also postion at tanle is key.. think there are just enough players behind u

that a hand is likely...

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