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Tough spot against an aggro player..


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Full Tilt Poker Game #25663570259: $10,000 Guarantee (1r+1a) (198812254), Table 41 - 500/1000 Ante 125 - No Limit Hold'em - 14:49:31 ET - 2010/11/18

Seat 2: bighaley21 (37,572)

Seat 3: DEMILITION (28,768)

Seat 4: WhyAllwaysMe (48,347)

Seat 5: atlantisox (39,894)

Seat 6: AAleKKsey (10,237)

Seat 7: FourNT (32,212)

Seat 8: Unflappable101 (32,228)

Seat 9: mE 0wnz Y0u (29,433)

bighaley21 antes 125

DEMILITION antes 125

WhyAllwaysMe antes 125

atlantisox antes 125

AAleKKsey antes 125

FourNT antes 125

Unflappable101 antes 125

mE 0wnz Y0u antes 125

AAleKKsey posts the small blind of 500

FourNT posts the big blind of 1,000

The button is in seat #5

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to bighaley21 [9s As]

Unflappable101 folds

mE 0wnz Y0u has 15 seconds left to act

WhyAllwaysMe has been disconnected

mE 0wnz Y0u raises to 2,175

bighaley21 calls 2,175

WhyAllwaysMe has reconnected


mE 0wnz Y0u has been disconnected

WhyAllwaysMe folds

atlantisox calls 2,175

mE 0wnz Y0u has reconnected

AAleKKsey has 15 seconds left to act

WhyAllwaysMe has been disconnected

WhyAllwaysMe has reconnected

AAleKKsey has requested TIME

AAleKKsey: sorry by that...

AAleKKsey folds

FourNT folds

*** FLOP *** [5d 9h 2d]

mE 0wnz Y0u has 15 seconds left to act

mE 0wnz Y0u bets 4,875

bighaley21 ???

Guy had already doubled through me with K10 vs my AQ earlier where he shoved in 14 bbs. He had been very active at the table. What is my play here??

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Don't fold this flop, but fold pre. If he is really an aggrotard then I'm probably just calling this down 3 times because he is probably going to barrel a ton of turns/rivers.

call down... spew more? i mean half the deck thats left is going to be over cards so calling down is definitely NOT a good strategy.

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