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An interesting hand I just got done playing and wanted thoughts on all streets. Player had been super aggro late and seemed to have a problem with laying a hand down if he put chips in. He doubled through me earlier with AQ vs my 10s..

Full Tilt Poker Game #25780117330: $33,000 KO Guarantee (199764552), Table 81 - 300/600 Ante 75 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:43:35 ET - 2010/11/22

Seat 1: larrygold (6,830)

Seat 2: bigpemberton (10,275)

Seat 3: F Montenegro (8,199)

Seat 4: gond12 (10,088)

Seat 5: Alf_Melmac (6,343)

Seat 6: HighHopes0 (24,510)

Seat 7: bighaley21 (25,511)

Seat 8: dottorbuco (25,222)

Seat 9: VadimMolodoy (10,424)

larrygold antes 75

bigpemberton antes 75

F Montenegro antes 75

gond12 antes 75

Alf_Melmac antes 75

HighHopes0 antes 75

bighaley21 antes 75

dottorbuco antes 75

VadimMolodoy antes 75

bighaley21 posts the small blind of 300

dottorbuco posts the big blind of 600

The button is in seat #6

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to bighaley21 [Kc Ac]

VadimMolodoy folds

larrygold folds

bigpemberton folds

F Montenegro has 15 seconds left to act

F Montenegro folds

gond12 folds

Alf_Melmac has 15 seconds left to act

Alf_Melmac folds

HighHopes0 raises to 1,300

bighaley21 1. ???

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Why is your 3bet so large? And why are you checking flop?

Why is your 3bet so large? And why are you checking flop?

What I mean is, if u know he likes to flat 3bets, and you were planning on check/folding flop that you don't hit, why 3bet in the first place? And also make ur 3bet smaller so floating a bet on the flop isn't so big that u can't float

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I like the check on the flop to induce a bluff or v-bet with worse, but b/c we are out of position I would probably come over the top for the rest of my chips after he bets the flop. There are a number of draws he can have and I would hate to flat call his flop bet, check to him on the trun, and have him check behind and have a card like the Ks hit the board.

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*** TURN *** [Jh Qs 5s] [Ts]



I'd have 3bet less and cbet/jammed a flop like this one most likely if he is really THAT much of an aggrotard. But, as played, I'd just jam over the flop bet because you shouldn't have anything here and he might just bet his entire range.

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