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AA deep stacked MTT on BB


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I just want to know how you guys would play AA in this situation.

Blinds 15-30 - Only 15 mins into tourney. Everyone has about 3k starting stack.

Folded around to the button who limps in. I raise 3x BB to 90. Button calls.

Flop is 3h 7h 8h.

How would you play this out of position?

You have no Ace of hearts. Sorry forgot that information.

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checking flop for pot size control is not bad option imo

obv giving free cardpotentially but no need to mad as pot is still small and is early intourny

if button bets think i flat although a lot here will probly advise check raise and there are good arguemtents for both

i flat i think and reaccess on turn...

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