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i have noticed that people are stacking off lighter and lighter over the last two years(i know its probably been longer but i havent played many tournaments before that time). I remember when J10 was the hand to gamble with but more and more i am seeing people go crazy, all-in pre with 76,45, 96. Just wild, loose gambling no matter how many BB they have. What are your thoughts on this?

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People thinking they have fold eq and go all-in w/ a hands like J9s, only to get called by AK/KK lol. It happens. You got 20-25BBs and someone is raising lots. You think "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I think I can make him fold with this jam".

I've seen it lots in micro MTTs where it's late in the tourney and you raise with a hand like A5s or KQs and someone jams 15-30BBs. You tank for a bit then decide to call only to see villan shoved with a hand like Q7o/K2s. Lol it's nuts but they gotta be thinking they have fold eq and just picked the wrong spot.

I'm not complaning tho, let these people think they have fold eq and let them stick the rest of their stack in as a underdog. Easy chips/$$$ for us.

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