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Rounder Rick

Do you make this call?


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How does this guy make the call. QQ with K on flop and I betting. Then i have nut flush Ace and move all in and he calls.

Stage #498021259 Tourney ID 5910057 Holdem Multi Normal Tournament No Limit 60 - 2010-12-28 16:50:55 (ET)

Table: 4 (Real Money) Seat #6 is the dealer

Seat 1 - SEPLET (2,890 in chips)

Seat 2 - MONIHOG (3,760 in chips)

Seat 3 - WHATUCOULDBE (3,360 in chips)

Seat 4 - DAVIDPERKINS (1,920 in chips)

Seat 6 - TRUTHOFALIAR (1,405 in chips)

Seat 7 - NEWM (4,960 in chips)

Seat 8 - ROUNDER RICK (3,250 in chips)

Seat 9 - MGREEN214 (2,000 in chips)

NEWM - Posts small blind 30

ROUNDER RICK - Posts big blind 60


Dealt to ROUNDER RICK [7s Ah]

MGREEN214 - Folds

SEPLET - Folds





NEWM - Raises 210 to 240

ROUNDER RICK - Calls 180

*** FLOP *** [Jh 2c Kd]

NEWM - Checks


NEWM - Calls 360

*** TURN *** [Jh 2c Kd] [10h]

NEWM - Checks


NEWM - Calls 720

*** RIVER *** [Jh 2c Kd 10h] [5h]

NEWM - Checks

ROUNDER RICK - All-In 1,930

NEWM - Calls 1,930

*** SHOW DOWN ***

ROUNDER RICK - Shows [7s Ah] (ace high)

NEWM - Shows [Qc Qd] (One pair, queens)

NEWM Collects 6,500 from main pot

*** SUMMARY ***

Total Pot(6,500)

Board [Jh 2c Kd 10h 5h]

Seat 1: SEPLET Folded on the POCKET CARDS

Seat 2: MONIHOG Folded on the POCKET CARDS



Seat 6: TRUTHOFALIAR (dealer) Folded on the POCKET CARDS

Seat 7: NEWM (small blind) won Total (6,500) HI:(6,500) with One pair, queens [Qc Qd - P:Qd,P:Qc,B:Kd,B:Jh,B:10h]

Seat 8: ROUNDER RICK (big blind) HI:lost with ace high [7s Ah - P:Ah,B:Kd,B:Jh,B:10h,P:7s]

Seat 9: MGREEN214 Folded on the POCKET CARDS

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His call probably isn't great...but it's a hell of a lot better than your play, IMO. You're praying he has one possible hand...Q-10...and will fold to your 3-barrel. Once he calls the flop & turn, if he's got anything decent, he's not folding the river.

Just fold pre-flop...you're not deep enough to get this cute to a 4x raise.

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it doesn't matter what the story is. The initial story was I had a K. He raised pre and then checked the flop cause scared of K. I bet the K. On the turn I bet as well worried about about a draw. And then maybe my bluff came true as i had the nut flush card. Maybe i have A7 suited hearts instead of A7 off. So I move in. lots of hands beat him. The only thing he beats is a bluff. Maybe I hit set. Maybe I have KJ.

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The flush is not believable based on your betting. A King, yeah maybe. But he probably had a read on you from earlier - do you always bet pot? Had he seen you make overbetting bluffs before? I think his checks look like rope a dope checks, not afraid of K checks, especially after he calls the turn.

Or he just decided to call & if you had a K, so be it. But that really doesn't make sense for the river call.

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it doesn't matter what the story is.

And that, as Yoda says in "Empire Strikes Back", is why you fail.

You're right that lots of hands beat him. When he decided you didn't have any of those and called you down on two streets...you have to shut it down. Since TJ Cloutier wrote his book 15 years ago, and before then, it's been known that the biggest mistake you can make is trying to bluff a calling station.

Or, you can keep insisting your play is great and we're all wrong. BeL0WaB0Ve will continue to be one of the best tournament players on the planet, who was kind enough to come in here and chime in on your hand. And you can continue to be you.

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