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Offical American Idol Thread

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I'm sure that the kid has a future in country music, but honestly, there are WAAAAAAY more talented people that deserve to win more that Scotty.

So far Chick who sang "All by myself", Haley, Casey, and James have shown that they are versatile and I honestly believe that they are more rounded, which I personally would prefer the winner to be.

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I did not enjoy Casey's performance at all. I guess it's all a matter of personal taste. Really liked James', though. I don't think Scotty will win, but I do think he's definitely better than many of the people on the show and I do think he deserves to be there at this point.

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no dude, he reached too far and sang out of tune in the second verse. I think the dude can sing but that was painful to my ears.

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no idea why i'm saying dude so much - i never say dude
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i didnt think scotty was all that good. he just sings, just like the filipino chick. i mean they have good voices, but i think a few others are more talented. cant believe ECU girl didnt like Caseys performance. he is the man, he did that very well. I was surprised at Durbans performance as well, just because i was expecting something else.

the last chick, i give her props. that shit isnt at all easy to do, and i guarantee maybe one of the other contestants would even attempt to do all that moving around while singing. so i liked the spin she put on it. tough competition though, not sure who goes from here. Haley is fine!

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I didn't hear one song tonight that I liked as much as I like the original and I had high hopes for this group.

Dianna Ross chick is probably going but the little tiny girl could go and so could Stefano. I enjoyed watching Casey and Paul more than I liked listening to them tonight. I've heard quite a few better versions of the Cocker song and I'd never heard the song Paul sung and unless it's one of those grows on you songs I don't care if I ever hear it again.

Tourettes guy is one of my favorites but I hope Idol edits out any aspergers moments because they are going to happen. It'll be interesting if they edit him as a train wreck or a hero but he's going to be the human interest story this year.

Jacob Lusk...... wtf was that? dude, sometimes less is more.

agree with Pia love, she was hot tonight and Scotty did his thing, so did Lauren. Those two are going to sell a lot of records.

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Casey remains my fav.

Most surprising of the night was Haley or Pia. Both sounded really pure. Haley's little yodel in Blue sounded rly cool and she looked good too.

I hate James but he sounded pretty good tonight. I also hate Niama but I thought the 2nd half of her Umbrella song was really cool honestly. The rain/lightning special effects looked/sounded pretty cool and I was actually impressed.

Jacob thinks his shit don't stink. But I can guarantee you this... It does.

I think Thia is cute and pretty good but stands no chance in winning.

Ashton sucks and should be next to go.

Stefano did pretty good with that song, but I think overall he sucks and should be next guy to go.

Karen chick was meh.

Lauren singing Shania sucked. Boooring.

Paul is interesting, I like watching him sing/meander around, but I didn't really like the song.

Scotty is just OK. I think there are 100,000 karaoke singers in the country who could do just as good as he did.

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Jacob is by faaaaaar the best one in this competition. I just dont see him getting the votes to win and that really sucks because he blows everyone out the water vocally.

Stefano can sing his ass off, but again, since its a popularity contest he wont get enough support to win either. Lol at him being the next to go, though. It would be a tragedy of that happened.

Scotty has a future in country, and he should stay there. Hes gonna get killed during disco/r&b (anything where he cant pick a country song) week. Of course, middle america would vote for him even if he lost his voice mid-song, so who knows.

Paul is a tool. Hate his voice, hate his look, hate his attitude. Which means he'll probably win.

James is actually better than I thought he would be, but I always feel like hes a disaster waiting to happen.

Casey/Taylor Hicks 2.0 has a distinct voice, seems like a nice guy, and has potential to win. He will then sell 418 albums and fade into obscurity.



Everybody Loves Lauren sang another boring, predictable song but will get enough votes to cruise through to the final 3 probably.

Karen was awful and should be the next to go imo.

Haley wasnt my favorite tonight. I admit im not a fan of that genre, but she definitely didnt make me a fan of it with all that howling. Everyone thinks shes fine, so that should carry her for a few weeks, but then she needs to go.

I like Thia, but she gets lost in the shuffle a bit. I cant really figure out what kind of artist she would be. She wont last much longer.

Pia has easily been the most surprising so far. Her voice has been good, her look is great, she could possibly go deep deep in this.

I hated Ashton throughout Hollywood week, but she saved her best for the wildcard show. Tonights performance was meh for me. She wont get the votes to win.

Naima has the most "star quality/potential" of any of the girls left. Her look and style is the most unique of anyone out there, and she has the most stage presence so far of anyone left. She might not have the greatest voice, but its good enough that she should be there at the end. I would like to see her go deep but she probably wont.

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Ashton,Karen, Thia: one of the three should get the boot tomorrow.

Lauren and Scotty. There ain't enough votes in middle america southward for the both of 'em. I think we say goodbye to Lauren much sooner than most people think(see 9th-7th).

Pia can blow, but is she as diverse as James, Casey, and Haley? I think that's your top 4 from tonight and overall.

Stefano, Naima, and Jacob had good points to their performances. I'm guessing they all have at least 2 more shots to muster up a HOF performance and steal some votes from the opposition.

Paul is pretty high on the unintentional comedy scale. I have to think no one has danced, covered as much ground to that particular song as he did tonight. That was quite a feat.

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Naima has the most "star quality/potential" of any of the girls left. Her look and style is the most unique of anyone out there, and she has the most stage presence so far of anyone left. She might not have the greatest voice, but its good enough that she should be there at the end. I would like to see her go deep but she probably wont.

Naima is about as attractive as one of the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes. She has zero star quality imo.

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My favorite of the night was none other than James Durbin. He really surprised me, and I seem to be wrong about his actual singing talent. The tone of his voice on that song was ridiculously good. He didn't overdo it and just gave a great performance. Props to him.

He narrowly edged out Casey for me. The performance was good, but it's really hard to live up to what Joe Cocker does with that song. As fantastic as Casey's performance was, I'm taking Cocker's live versions of it every time. No disrespect to Casey, though, as I still liked his second best tonight.

I thought parts of Naima's performance were pretty awesome. When she exploded into that reggae rap and when the lighting/sound did the black + thunder thing and then flashed blue or whatever was sick. Her voice doesn't impress me, but I think she found her niche tonight. That's her wheelhouse.

I also like Scotty. He just does his thing so well. There were a few stumbles, but his voice just owns the songs he picks.

Jacob was hit and miss. There were a couple notes he hit that were off-the-charts awesome, but a lot of the song was pretty unbearable. He was off-key, and parts of the arrangement to one of my favorite songs ever were questionable.

Pia was pretty good and hit a nice note (although she didn't hold it as long as she should have), but come on...Celine crushes her on that song. It's like Cocker vs. Casey, except Celine vs. Pia is a lopsided no-contest. She's good, though.

Haley sang well, but I agree that it was sleepy and definitely reminiscent of something you'd hear at a luau.

When they teased that Thia was singing Michael Jackson, I racked my brain for about half the commercial break thinking about which song she'd sing, and I came to the conclusion that it had to be 'Smile'. Low and behold, that's what she sang...and it was good - until the second half of the song. It went from "pretty good" to "end this already".

I can't believe how much the judges praised the piece of crap that was Stefano's performance. Stevie Wonder meets Broadway musical meets club dance music = kill me. It was awful. The only reason he's even still in the competition is because J-Lo wants his cock.

Karen's performance was like something you'd see in the talent portion of a beauty contest. Blah.

I'm not sure Paul even realizes he's in a singing competition. He just frolics around the stage, utterly careless about what notes he hits or doesn't hit. He was alright, and he's a good performer. That said, I'm getting sick of him already.

Lauren sucked, but she has at least three more weeks of awful performances before she's in any jeopardy whatsoever.

Ashton - it's been nice knowing you. Play her off, David Cook...

Bottom three prediction: Ashton, Stefano, Thia. But really, it doesn't matter. I can't see anyone but Ashton getting the boot.

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