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I'm at the Oklahoma State Poker Championship at the Tulsa Hard Rock, I was playing a nightly $125 NL holdem tournament last night and this hand came up we are 7 handed at the FT and the level is 2000/4000/500 I'm in the bb for 4000 and a ss goes allin for 5400 the sb calls the 3400 more leaving me 1400 to call which I do with K7o without thinking about it. The flop is KT2 rainbow, now this is where the conterversy starts, the sb checks, well i figure I'm in the lead and the 20K or so in the pot would be nice to have so I bet my top pair, the sb looks at me in disgust shows her AJ gutshot str8 draw and over card and folds, then she starts to berate me asking if I have ever played a tournament before (I proceed to tell her my live success of the past year), and can't believe i bet when a person was allin at the FT because there was a $70 pay increase (now I regularly have bar tabs of over $70 so $70 means nothing to me) the only thing I'm thinking of is 1st place and the $2600 or so that I could win. The rest of the table that spoke up agreed that the bet was wrong I should check down to eliminate the allin player.

So what do you think should I just check down or eliminate 4 outs against me (it was 4 outs because the allin guy had AT and flopped middle pair and AJ need a Q to win) and increase my odds of winning the hand (and adding 16% or so to my stack) by 25% or check it down?

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The only thing you should be concerned with is betting to protect your made hand.

There is a strategic concept in playing bubbles and money ladders. "Don't BLUFF a dry side pot" You don't gain equity by bluffing others off a hand you can't win.

In this case you are justified in betting to protect your hand & tEV

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I ended up chopping 4 ways for a little more than the other 3 only because it was 3 am and I had a noon tourney the next day. I'll be in day 1a of the 100K don't think I'll do the re-entry but I might if I bust. Your so right on the bad players they put you on rediculous ranges when you make a play. On another note I won the $340 $100 bounty last night for $3713 (that was with 4 bounties and didn't get my 1st till 7 left at the FT) only had 62 entrants but was awesome to win it. Playing PLO8 tonight and the 6 handed tomorrow then day 1a and if I don't day 2 the 100K the LO8 sunday then fly home.

oh and I got 18th in the 1st 100K so a good series so far.

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I sent you a message because I'll be there tomorrow and we can talk about it more then.

First, I play several live events each week. Let me ask you this. If you were the chip leader and had AK preflop and the ss shoved and the woman was in the SB and you were in the BB and you simply called after her call, then everyone saw you had AK after the hand was over, would you or would you not consider it a form of collusion to not reraise all in to chip up and play the big stack properly?

With you hitting top pair, you are way ahead most of the time and you need those chips. It is not your responsibility to simply move up the ladder at the final table, but your resposibility to get those chips. You are a player of one, and that would be considered collusion to team up at a final table.

Had this been an earlier stage, or extremely close to the money and you both had a decent stack with the pot not being tourney changing money, it would be a proper thing to get him out. Not here at the final table.

Nice play bro.

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