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Has limp calling run amok?


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I seem to be seeing more and more limp calling, and I don't mean one or two donks per hand but five or six.


I'll have KK in late position at 50/100 with 5 limpers. I'll make it 600-800 and.... wait for it....get 5 callers!

It doesn't matter what flops, one of em' shoves and I have to fold.

This is not deepstack poker. These "people" are calling off 1/4, 1/3, or even 1/2 of their stack preflop?


- Are others seeing this more frequently?

- Is this a result of Durrr and Viffer being on TV everyday and they see them calling with all kinds of trash and think they are playing "like the best?"

- What are you doing about it?

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why are you folding to shoves with KK?

I believe he said that fold was to a shove post flop. I can recall a live tournament where I had AA and on 2nd hand player shoved on a K-J-x flop. I mucked AA quite fast. 14K plus shove with blinds at 100, who the hell knows what he has we are two hands in and I have never seen the guy in my life.

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