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imper1um back on ftp


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I don't even know how to respond so let this be a place holder til I can think about it..but immediatley I'm in shock..utter disbelief..but maybe time heals all wounds who knows

edit: just read weens post, hes much better at this stuff then me and usually just says it better then i ever will

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i dont really see how this is a bad thing, he was obviously playing under random names for the last few years, now he has his name back and everyone knows who's who. the way it should be. everyone hates on imper1um when theres hundreds others doing the same thing. like someone tell me who vamanovomaestr0 is, dudes played 2k tourneys since 8/4/2010. some clear ma that goes undetected and gets to play anonymously. the way i see it, bannings just make it tougher on everyone else and in most cases, benefit the player himself. welcome back imper1um

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