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2011 OT March Madness Pool!

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ok donated $300 on ftp. 1 200 and 2 50s. If i dont win can i have my money back? Thats how it works right?

As it turns out, looks like you're getting money back. : )

I need some help. I am having a hard time verifying "DanShula17no1" who is currently tied for 9th.

I can't find a PM, didn't see anything in the thread, and have no f'n clue who it is.

Anyone know?


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I wonder how many people free roll this pool. Oh I'm in 3rd? I'll send that check right out, sorry I've been busy, sick mom etc.

lol. Trust me, it happens all the time. One year we had like 130 people and 11 non-paid.

This year I had to kick some entries back who tried to ship days after it started.

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But you got me down for a uconn-butler championship since day 1 right? maybe there was a glitch in your logs, I'll provide my own.

Yep you're good. Will ship $10k later. Lemme know when you get it.

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I will make a list and work out payment with everyone tomorrow night. Working all day in DC tomorrow and then catching a flight to Huntsville, AL. I will do the shipping when I get to my hotel during the OT WSOP league tourney.

In the meantime, please PM me with your payout preference. I have a lot on FTP for those who prefer it. Also have cash for those interested.

I shipped the $200 pool winners a few days ago since payouts were set. Just gotta do the $50 tomorrow night.

Congrats to the winners and thanks for playing!

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