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2011 OT March Madness Pool!

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Registration is now closed.

Multiple people have sent checks. I will bounce entrants with paid entries over the next few days as I get the time and receive the checks.

Thanks for playing. This is a great turnout and will pay top 10 spots.

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are the payouts set?

I can't set payouts until I receive checks.

It will be 2k for first and 1k for second in the $50 though. 3rd through 10th will be adjusted depending on what I receive and unpaid entries.

Assuming 100 paid entries it would be:











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Payouts will be set when I receive all the money. I'm not guaranteeing payouts when I don't have cash in hand. A few people have sent checks.

Just waiting for 1 more from the $200 league, and I know the person is good for it. So, if we get the 14 people paid, we will have $2k for 1st and $800 for 2nd.

The $50 details are mentioned in an above post. I'm still waiting on a few checks to come in and have not yet verified paid vs unpaid. 100 entries is a reasonable expectation.

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i didnt check everything out but think i got the 200 locked up?

Yeah I'm gonna bounce everything off tomorrow and update the thread.

I have 13 of the 14 people paid in the $200 so far, with the last person telling me the check's in the mail.

I have 97 of the 104 in the $50 paid, with 2 entries saying the check's in the mail. So we should have 99 paid.

In both cases I know and trust the person saying they sent the check.

GL to everyone who still has a chance. Kansas f'ed me hard today. Ugh.

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In what payment form do winners receive their winnings?

I invested the money in 5 yr CDs for you guys. Hope you don't mind.

No seriously, I received money through Stars, FTP, Paypal, cash, and checks.

The majority of it was online obv, but if any of the winners would prefer a check or Paypal, I can do that.

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99 paid entries.

2k, 1k, 725, 475, 250, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100.

EDIT: Three people tied for 9th, so payments will be to the top 11 finishers:

2k, 1k, 725, 475, 250, 100, 100, 100, 67, 67, 67.

Still trying to verify one of the people in this thing...otherwise the top 10 are good to go.

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