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i have a goal

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one other thing i would like to share is my day to day winning streak that i strive for. just something to keep me staying positive. so if i win today it will be 5 days in a row so route me on and hopfully i can win every single day of this two weeks!

Hope you realize that focusing on your day to day results instead of your play is going to leave you really tilted a lot of days. GL on your goal though.

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forgot GL
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this $2000 in two but im going to give it my all. so i started with 400 and i played 2 days so far and got up to 625. although didnt get to play as much as i wanted yesterday bc i ran deep into a tourny that i wanted to concentrate on. which was a good idea bc i ended up winning it! :) it was just a $6 tourny but it was good for $630. which helps bc now i can add tables faster. also this goal that im trying to conquer is to acieve my other goal which is once i get $3000 i can start play live again. so this win really came at a good time for me. now i have $1250 in my account so im pretty happy about that bc i cant wait to pone the 1/2 fish!

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ok once i get to 600 i can 6 table. got it up to 500 last nite so i still need to 4 table today...

I dont get how your overall bankroll is going to affect how you can 12 table when you have 40+ buy ins. Its not like you're going to win or lose more often based on how much you have in your account. If you feel comfortable 12 tabling with 1500 you should feel comfortable doing it with 500, its still the same game.

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let me ask you guys this. should i factor my MTT's into how many tables im playing at once. bc i was 6 tableing my $10 sit n goes then i have 4 multi's up so really im 10 tableing but it doesnt factor inot my sit n go managment at all. so this means once i hit 12 tables i really will be playing 15-18 tables. i didnt think about this before i made this challenge. ive nvr played more than 14 tabels on my laptap. i use to be able to play 22 on my roomates desktop. playing multis and sit n goes at the same time is easy its not like playing omaha and holdem at the same time. i think its very doable and almost a necessity for me bc its very tough to be just a pure tournament player. have to have the cash games and sit n goes as well.

and btw 12 tableing $10 sit n goes with a $400 roll is foolish

what is op

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