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POKER SITES FORUM RULES - Please read before posting

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wackyJaxon    12

Welcome to the Poker Sites Forum, the place to talk about issues and recommendations for Poker Sites. The Poker Sites Forum is for topics such as: deposit/withdrawal issues, new feature requests, site software issues, site connectivity issues, support problems, etc.

Please make sure you read the general rules of the board linked here. Forum Rules

Please also keep the following general guidelines in mind:

1) While we encourage people to post about their problems about various sites, complaining about P5s advertising will not be tolerated.

2) While disagreeing with posters can make for interesting conversation and is encouraged if this is your point of view, please remain on topic of the thread. Any flaming of any posters in any thread is not allowed.

3) Any links to poker sites that can be construed as spam, will be instantly deleted, and you will most likely be permanently banned from P5s. The same is the case for any type of spam posted.

4) Pics or videos that are not directly related to the site discussion in a given thread will be deleted.

5) Asking to be PM'ed, posting your Skype/AIM/Yahoo!/et al. information, twitter info, email address, or anything similar will be deleted.

6) Bad beat posts, variance posts, or "x-site is rigged" posts will be deleted or moved to the Bad Beats forum. You are allowed/encouraged to complain about the sites themselves on any issues except for bad beats.

7) Anything unrelated to poker sites will be moved to another forum. As this forum and other forums are new, we expect this to occur on occasion and will move with a redirect so the OP can see where their topic was moved to.

8) Linking to an article or discussion on another site is allowed. However, posting the entire text of any article is NOT allowed. DMCA Notice

9) Separate threads promoting your home game club on Poker Stars are not allowed and will be merged into this thread. Official Home Game thread

10) If you have any issues with moderation in this forum or with particular posts, please use the Report Post function. Although WackyJaxon is the head moderator of this forum, this is the best way to report these types of issues. You can PM WackyJaxon on why your post was deleted if you were not given a reason, however, please do NOT PM me or any other moderator on existing posts and do not complain or discuss moderation issues publicly on the forum. Use the Report Post link!

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