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Poker Community FORUM RULES - please read before posting

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The Poker Community forum is a loosely moderated forum meant for discussing things like rail calls, big scores, Triple Crowns, the PocketFives Rankings, poker gossip and so on. In other words, Poker Community is meant to be like the P5s Off Topic community with the only difference being that it's actually about poker-related topics. Poker Community is also meant to be a "catch all" for poker-related topics that don't fit into the other poker forums.

Please make sure you read the general rules of the board linked here: FORUM RULES. Please also keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) Any promotional posts by users, specifically posts providing some sort of affiliate link or posts that mention other websites, are to be deleted right away. Requests to buy or sell goods are also not allowed. Surveys that are external to PocketFives or direct our members elsewhere are prohibited as well.

2) Posting your AIM, Skype or MSN, or Yahoo! name asking for someone to contact you there or join your group is not allowed. These threads will be deleted. You can post a link to your personal Twitter account or blog (assuming no affiliate links are present), but only in this thread.

3) Requests to back players or to be backed is only allowed in the Stakers Forum and Stakees Forum. Requests for money or requests for backing are prohibited elsewhere on the site.

4) While we allow arguments on our forums that often become heated, replies that get personal will be removed. If a thread is started with the sole purpose of berating or attacking another person, it will be deleted. Trolling or providing negativity towards someone's congratulatory thread is also not allowed.

5) Posting about your private tournament or home club is only allowed in this thread. Posting about a private charity event is NOT allowed. PocketFives has no way of verifying the legitimacy of private charity tournaments or mandating which causes are more important than others. Only official charity events/promotions endorsed by a major poker site will be allowed.

6) Bringing attention to a player's profit-based statistics from another site or program in any way that could be construed as making fun of or ridiculing that person is prohibited.


7) Images and videos are allowed. Images or links to porn, sexism, racism, and anything else that may be offensive to a large group of people will be deleted.

8) All money transfer requests must be posted in the Official Site to Site Transfer Request Thread. No new threads may be created with site-to-site transfer requests. Requests for transfers via any other method except a poker site will be deleted.

9) Private Contests are allowed. However, PocketFives.com is NOT responsible for any monetary agreements that are posted on our boards. Money exchanges hands at your own risk.

9) Do not post full-text copyrighted material on PocketFives. You can post the title, the first paragraph (or a select few sentences) and a link to the source. Any full-text work will be deleted. DMCA Notice


10) Flaming of competing, poker-related forums will not be tolerated on these boards. This includes 2+2, NWP, N-Beg, FTR. We require the posters on this site to be respectful of other forums. Posts that aim to "compare" sites will also be deleted.

11) If you have any issues with moderation in this forum or with particular posts, please use the Report Post function. Although wackyJaxon is the Head Moderator of this forum, this is the best way to report these types of issues. You can PM wackyJaxon on why your post was deleted if you were not given a reason, however, please do not complain or discuss moderation issues publicly on the forum.

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