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Rounder Rick

Bodog, Doyle's Room, Carbon, Players Only

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Online poker is ILLEGAL..

Why do players try and act smart and "think" they know a way around law..

Government stated its illegal. Therefore you opinion doesn't mean anything

Why do you act smart and "think" you know the law? Every court that has ruled on this including the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals disagrees with your expert opinion on the laws regarding online poker.

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Speaking of bodog does hem hud work there? I was doing some research that it might be possible with a idleminer but there was some doubt if it works on mtts. If nothing else I know tournament indicator works with mtts but its disgusting that the table has to stay at default size.

from what i understand, HUD will not work but HEM will with idleminer. I havnt tried it yet, but am grinding on the diggity dogg...lol. But yea, from what i understand, HUDs will not work.

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Ok so pretty much everyone agrees playing poker is not illegal. So the issue is u can't transfer withdrawals to the players. DOJ made example out of ps. ftp, and ub showing they can get the big ones. they will eventually get the smaller sites because they have same problem. There is no way to pay money to the players. They are considered gambling websites so no transfer. I would say the sites should just pay the money to poker instead of golf balls, etc. and they can argue poker is not gambling. It is a skill. And the supreme court has already ruled on this.

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Like someone said, the .net should have made everyone a bit suspicous. These sites advertised like crazy on the various poker shows with all these recognizable names with the .net domain being pushed. I mean who they think they were fooling? The US government?

All of these sites used bogus companies to skirt their way around the banking system....its plain as that and that is illegal..all transactions conducted with American Banks MUST BE TRANSPARENT. It's that simple folks.

The UGIEA simply gives them a header for their long winded indictment.

Another Sunday without me final tabling a major sucks..lol

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.net was only so they could legally advertise on TV since there is a rule about real money sites advertising. Nothing illegal there and to me is irrelevant towards the UIEGA. I Suckout, curious as to your real names if you were busy final tabling things on Sundays ;)

Rounder Rick makes some good points though, what makes these smaller sites any different? If they grow big enough, they are going to have similar cash out problems.

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Their advertising scheme is targeted towards recreational players, people who play for entertainment purposes. If their slogan was "come get beat down & exploited by the pros" I don't think they're going to attract alot of beginners & recreational players. I'm sure most new players graduate from play money to real money rather quickly, simply because they view their play money victories as real money passing them by.

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I agree playing poker isn't the issue neither is gambling, as betting horses is not affected by the UIEGA. (you can goto twinspires.com if you'd like) The question to me is; does Bodog, Doyle's Room, Carbon, Cake, use third party processors for cash outs. This is what the DOJ holds over Stars, FTP, & Absolute.

For years the big 3 has made it a pratice to apparently subvert the banking rules by using 3 party processors. If the other sites that still accept US players also have this practice, I would not want to play on them.

Doyle's Room has already provided some insight that they don't, although I'm not 100% convienced (see websplat.com/Doyle_04-16-11.JPG) So if anyone knows if the other sites uses 3 party processors that would be the key for me.

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Sorry, I forgot you guys were all attorneys. Online poker is legal, so lets go play on pokerstars

Ever Wonder why these sites advertise as .NET? Something to think about

Scary part is the general public is about as educated as you and believes the same thing. This is why poker is beatable tho...

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