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LFG in South Bend, Indiana

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As the title suggests, I'm looking for a game in Northwest Indiana, preferably South Bend.

If anyone is from the area and knows of a good 1/2 or 2/5 game, please let me know. I hate having to drive to four winds to play.

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@famous5ives. Yeah, Niles isn't TOO far. i thought I had heard of a game in the Notre Dame area about a year ago, but I havent heard anything about it lately.

I might have to check it out up there one night. Is it pretty soft?

@sirswish6 Hammond is an hour and a half away. If I was going there, I'd have to stay up there for a couple days to make it worth the drive and it's hard for me to get off of work for a couple days in a row.

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I played at that game in Niles last night. I was a little surprised when I got there. I thought it was an underground game, but it's a legal charity game. It's a bit less formal than a casino game but still pretty professional.

There were quite a few regulars, but the game is still definitely beatable. I will be going back whenever possible. Maybe tuesday or wednesday, we'll see.

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I played at Blue Chip last week and the games are DEFINITELY soft but I'm not willing to drive almost an hour when there's a game that's only slightly tougher, 20 minutes from me. I appreciate the input though.

On top of that, there's a 2/5 game and a PLO game that gets going sometimes in Niles according to what they were telling me.

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I havent found any games yet...the best mtt i found was four winds sat night rebuy for $50. Im down for a .5/1 cash game in sb, or $20-$40 sngs.

Lemme know, ithink famous 5 was putting together a wsop satty tourney

I have one friend who will play $20-50 sngs in sb as well

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I didnt have anything to do with puttin that together, was just in one last year with some people from granger. They played a super juicy 1/2 tho, maybe i could try to get ahold from someone that was in it and see if they still play homegames. I just have a drunken .25/.50 game i play on weekends if thats of any interest

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