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About 2 years ago I use to post on this board as a left wing democrat. Anyways

Is it time to end the post office? They have been running deeply in the red and would it not be better if they were a tax payer and pay corporate taxes rather than pay no taxes and live rent free on government owned land. We could sell the post office, collect corporate tax, and charge rent to use the post offices to the highest bidder.

Is it time to allow people to buy products from non-union shops. I try to go into Fresh and Easy and these union types are out there protesting for the right to take over the company, steal the shareholders money, and install a union shop on the premises. The store is presently beautiful with low prices and great quality.

Why not shut down NPR and PBS and turn tax problems into tax payers?

Why not give social security recipients the choice of medicare or the option to get the cash, about $10,000 a year.

Seems the left is living a lie, they complain about ceos and stockholders making all the money, yet in the scope of things 95% of the revenues go to the employees, 5% to profits and CEOs. The problem is people have no moral hazzard of not saving, so they don't they spend yet they think they have the right to savers money.

Just think how rich you would be if you didn't have to pay taxes. Instead you live in poverty, to paint the fences of Federal workers. How about fire the federal workers and let them paint their own fence.

State and Federal workers are just a large group of con men, stealing from those with money to pay themselves so they don''t have to work for themselves. They all should be indicted like the City of Bell employees.

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We all are expected to walk that straight line to Las Vegas to put our poker money in real casinos, real dealers, and real rake. All because Bill Frist, decided to put a couple lines in a bill most likely the result of his 10th or 12th largest campaigned contributor Harrah's.

To make a long story short I take down iron man freeroll, win it. Take down bronze and silver heads-up freeroll and head to Trader Joes for a 1/2 pound of smoked salmon to celebrate the win with my full tilt t-shirt on. I get to the checkout and a worker, notices the t-shirt and we take up a conservation and I seem a little giddy and told of my win and I think he announces to the crowd in line this guy just won 5K playing online poker. Little shy and embarrassed, most in line seem happy. But, one of the older ladies in line a bit overweight comes up to me did you pay taxes on it. I humbly reply yes, I will and did pay taxes on it. BTW, took down the three pros for 100K and ended up beaming the IRS 30K in taxes, living the last couple years car less hoping not to have to close out the rest of my IRA.

I had the Sonny Bono moment. Being a bleeding heart liberal all his life. Sonny had the moment when he wanted to start a business and couldn't get a permit to get it started. He got frustrated, ran for mayor and fired the guy that did not give him a permit. He became a republican leader before ultimately dying in a skiing accident.

I finally hitting the win, and the first thing the government types want is 1/2 of it to pay for their bloated pensions and salaries. These pensions amount to about 40K a year in additional salary. So here I am nearly broke paying over 50% to the government for what? Nothing! They all want to live like City of Bell officials.

So to answer your post "shared sacrifice" I think you are being sarcastic. There is no shared sacrifice, the government is there not to provide you services but to steal money from people that work. You can spend the money yourself to buy electricity, fire service, trash disposal, or education.

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