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The Killing on AMC

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This show was pretty good. There were parts that werent the best but there was way more that totally worth watching. If youre rating on watch or not watch its a watch.

And warden dont use 'literally' anymore seeing as you dont know how


literally no television critics that i have respect for say the finale was any good.

av club: no

sepinwall: no

goodman: no

There is no denying that the season finale was really well done...I guess you read my comment as the entire show was outstanding which I understand is confusing when I was really trying to just say that the season finale rivals Dexter's season one finale episode.

in what sense? again, the majority of critics (and certainly the people i'm inclined to listen to) all say it sucked. sepinwall even mentioned the idea of un-renewing the show (which i guess is not unprecedented). i just don't see how this was anything but a disaster.

then again: saved me ~10 hours. so that's good.

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I think the main problem that people are having is that the finale did not wrap up the entire season and left us hanging...it definitely left us hanging. There is no doubt that the series isn't as good as Breaking Bad or Mad Men but it is better than anything else that was new this season that I watched besides Game of Thrones. The show isn't perfect and they could have made some changes to make it better, but overall the acting and story is interesting and has something that makes me curious about next week. Most people seem to be pissed because there are too many loose ends at the season finale.

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