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Live Poker FORUM RULES - please read before posting

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Welcome to the LIVE POKER FORUM, the place to talk about live poker strategy and general live poker discussion. This is also a great place to discuss local casino's upcoming events and support each others results.

Please make sure you read the general rules of the board linked here: Forum Rules. Please also keep the following general guidelines in mind:

1) If commenting on a hand strategy thread, do NOT belittle the OP or other posters. Only post in a constructive manner. You can explain why something was wrong without being combative or taking it to a personal level. Likewise, it is important for all posters to feel free to give honest opinion and feedback about a posted hand. We are all here to learn and improve as players, and sometimes that means having to hear you made mistakes. If someone disagrees with your opinion or your play, do not take it personally.


2) ONLY post LIVE POKER rail calls, strategy, hands, casino discussions, home game structures and similar type of threads in this forum. Bad beats & variance related topics will be moved to the Bad Beats Forum. If discussing something about an online poker site's capabilities, problems with an online poker site's support, or anything site related, please post in the Poker Sites Forum. Rail calls for online games or poker topics not related to LIVE poker that do not fit into the categories above belong in the Poker Community Forum. Anything not to do with poker at all should be posted in the Off Topic Forum. Threads relating to live poker that are posted in the Poker Community forum will be moved to Live Poker Forum, however, threads relating to discussing strategy on live poker hands can be posted in either the Poker Discussion or Live Poker forum.


3) When commenting on a stategy or hand history discussion thread, 1-word or 1-line responses without any rationale will be deleted. A one-word answer, like “Call,” “Shove,” or “Fold” doesn’t help anyone learn if they don’t understand WHY you have that opinion. By writing out a well-reasoned response, not only will you be helping others, you will also be reinforcing your own good habits and strategic thinking.


4) When making your thread title, try to summarize the idea of your thread. This is very basic, yet many people don't do it. Don't post "Need help with something" or "Very Important Question" or “Did I Play This Right?” as your thread title. A little detail, such as “Post-flop two pair late in WSOP $1500 NLHE” will go a long way in getting answers from the right people.

5) Any links to poker sites that can be construed as spam, will be instantly deleted, and you will most likely be permanently banned from P5s. The same is the case for any type of spam posted.


6) Pics or videos in strategy types of threads that are not directly related to the thread discussion in a given thread will be deleted. Pics and videos are allowed in rail call types of threads.


7) Asking to be PM'ed, posting your Skype/AIM/ Yahoo!/et al. information, email address, or anything similar will be deleted. Personal twitter accounts & your own blog tracking Live poker play are also prohibited to be posted in this forum except for this thread. Twitter accounts or blogs that contain advertising posted anywhere on the site will be considered spam. It is OK to post someone else's tweet if it is reporting news or gossip, but not for advertising.


8) Linking to an article or discussion on another site is allowed. However, posting the entire text of any article is NOT allowed. The rule of thumb is either the first paragraph or no more than 5 sentences of an article are allowed. DMCA Notice


9) Trolling or posting off-topic replies in this forum is strictly prohibited in strategy types of threads.


10) Discussions about particular coaches are only allowed in the Poker Coaching and Training Feeback Thread. Anything deemed to be self-promotion whether in this thread or elsewhere on the site will be considered spam and dealt with accordingly.


11) If you have any issues with moderation in this forum or with particular posts, please use the Report Post function. Although WackyJaxon is the head moderator of this forum, this is the best way to report these types of issues. You can PM WackyJaxon on why your post was deleted if you were not given a reason, however, please do NOT PM me or any other moderator on existing posts and do not complain or discuss moderation issues publicly on the forum. Use the Report Post link!

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