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Due to a number of recent events in the gaming industry, most of which you're all very familiar with, P5s has for now decided not to promote any US-facing rake-based real money poker rooms. We've made this decision because we feel genuinely unsure about the short term future of these rooms and do not want to recommend something when we don't feel confident about its stability.

Read our official statement about this

That being said, there are still a number of rooms offering real money play to US players, and we want to make sure that our US-based members are able to get the support and information they need if they're choosing to continue to play real money poker online. For this reason, we're allowing representatives of US-based poker rooms to continue to have a presence here on the site, subject to certain guidelines:

1) Any poker site representative must be clearly identified as such and must have their identity verified by the P5s moderation team before posting in the forums. Once identified they will have an undertitle, so anyone without an undertitle posting as a poker site representative is not allowed!

2) US-facing poker site representatives may not do any of the following:

  • Start a new thread
  • Post anything that promotes their room or provides any information outside of customer support answers to questions in the thread
  • Conduct themselves unprofessionally or argumentatively in the forums
  • Post anything suggesting that their site is in any way affiliated with or approved by or a partner of P5s
  • Create shill accounts to gain exposure for their site
  • Post anywhere in a thread where a question hasn't been asked that directly pertains to their site

Please email support@pocketfives.com with any questions.

Best Regards,

Adam and the P5s Team

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