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ITM cash rate


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Depends on...

(1) whether this includes satellites which pay at a higher rate

(2) which site(s) this includes as some sites pay 10%, 12.5%, 15% or even 20%

That said, ITM is not the measurement you want to focus on. While it is important to get in the money, if you are focusing on cashing at not building a stack to go deep, then those min cashes are meaningless. The only measurement that you want to focus on is ROI.

Example: You play 10 $10 tournaments (ignore the sample size, just focus on the math)

(A) You min cash 3 times (30% ITM) and make $20/cash - $60 total win minus $100 entries - you lost $40.

(B) You make a top 5 one time and don't cash in any others, but win $200 in that tourney - 10% ITM but you won $100 profit.

Which scenario do you want.

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I'd say that's pretty average for an MTT player... Haven't been playing MTT's so much as of late but the first couple years of poker I was and found myself cashing somewhere in the 17-20% range. Mostly smallish cashes maybe something like a 5% rate for deep cashes and like .5% rate of actually taking down a 2000+ player MTT.

But like what was said above you're ROI is much more important then your ITM. I always played a lot more of an ABC style of poker which made for a lot of small cashes as most of the time I was basically just hanging in there on the money bubble. Usually when I built up a large stack I didn't spew it off and made a deep run. A more aggressive style might lead to a lot lower of a ITM percentage but a much larger average cash resulting in the same or better ROI

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here is some advice: play smaller events.

from what i can see, your average field size is like 4,400 players. go ahead and play them, because it's fun and exciting when you get deep, and who doesn't want to turn $1 into $700.

but they are also really hard, and in fields so big, it's hard to know whether or not you are playing optimally in the short run. if you mix in some $4.40 180s, and track your results in those, you'll get a clearer picture of where you are.

to consistently go deep in large field events, you need to be pretty dead on with pre-flop starting hands, pot odds, position, push/fold EV scenarios, and adjusting to player reads, and there isn't a lot of margin for error. based on the volume I see you have played, you may still be getting there and could have more fun making some more final tables in the 180s or 45 mans.

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Thanks guys...

My ROI is currently 240%... due to a large cash recently.

I see where all of yours points are going.

I did ask recently somewhere... where can i take my big cash winnings and play some lower fields?

I love to play poker but on stars you need to fight 8000 people...

party has lower fields but fewer tournies...

Tilt is closed down...

Any help?

Thanks again.


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I find 888.com really easy. On that my roi is 177.6% (and it should be more but i lost KK on the final table to 88) over about 10 tournaments. The fields are small and generally the players are bad. It's very easy to cash in most tournaments there.

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With smaller sized fields, you need to increase your volume or your buy-in to deliver the same dollar value. Being in the US I have no idea what site or schedule would work for what you want to accomplish, but don't be afraid to diversify the sites you play on. Often different sites will have different tourney structures or different players/styles. You would often hear that people who were successful on one site would do poorly on another site.

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