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NBA Betting Thread

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I have a huge boner for the start of the NBA season.

Coming off the most exciting season probably ever, it's going to be a fun, wild lockout season.

adding gambling and league pass this year is going to make it ill for me.

These are my preseason futures bets so far. Maybe futures are for suckers, time value of money and whatnot. But, they're also the best way to have stake in almost any game you're watching. clutch for NBALP surfing.

Hawks over 34 wins. I think they have a lot of internal consistency and always get overlooked as a very solid team. I think there are good bets to be made betting overs in the east because they get to play the terrible east teams a disproportionate amount of times. just don't deal J-Smoove.

Warriors under 32.5. I think this is insanity and the betting public strongly agrees. Hand down. Man down. team down. Coach fired?

Grizzlies +400 to win the Southwest. Love the Grizzlies. Don't mind shorting the world champs.

Spurs +750 to win the Southwest. shorting the Mavs even harder. I just saw this price and think it's nuts considering the Mavs' O/U is 42.5 and San Antonio's is 41. Also, on sbook SA is only +160. Apparently the site with this price (Betus) really doesn't have any spurs love. i think they're one of the top teams in the west. but not exactly a title contender.

Lakers under 40.5. Love Gasol, but This team isn't very good. All I want for Christmas is Shooting Guard Gilbert Arenas and Metta World Peace on the same team.

76ers +700 to win the Atlantic. I think they're a good, athletic bunch. I liked them re-upping Thaddeus Young. I'm happy to be short Boston and New York.

Grizzlies +1400 to win the West.

Thunders +325. I really dont think anyone else is winning that conference without Dwight Howard. OKC is just going to dominate this season. It'll come down to Westbrook-Durant chemistry in the playoffs. Fun to watch, good or bad. TNT knows drama when we got to see RWB implode upon himself.

76ers over 36 wins. Im sold on Collins. I like that they're in the east. Im optimistic about Evan Turner. Young legs aren't hurting them in the compressed schedule

T-Wolves over 23. A lot of action on the over for them. Rubio time. They're turning heads this season.

Kings under 20.5. This team is awfully awful. No way do Tyreke and Cousins show up for this tumultous season. Trying to under another western team. This is the biggest bet I've made.

Rockets under 33.5. They can only do this if they can get 25+MPG from Yao.....Id really love Scola and/or Martin as the 3rd best player on a team, not as the centerpieces..Lowry is very good. But the rest of this team smells like a turd sandwich.

Prince Kemba +600 to win ROY. It's no lock, but I think he's going to get a lot of usage on that team.

Share your bets. Opinions on bets, lines. And I think the most interesting part is hearing people's reasoning for what they bet on.

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I'm glad to see your vote of confidence in the Grizzlies. I'm really excited to see what they can do following last year's amazing run. With Gasol and Randolph on board for the next 4-5 yrs, the Grizzlies' front court will be as good as any in the league. I'll be really disappointed if I don't see them in the Western Conference Finals with the team's core still intact.

With that said, I also agree with you on your Philly pick. They've just got a solid team with a decent mix of youth and veterans and I see them getting no worse than a 6 seed in the East this year. I also think that Louis Williams is the most underrated PG in the league.

Good luck to whoever's betting this year. I can't wait for Sunday!

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should I put the same amount of $ into this as your Magic winning the NBA finals prediction?


Gotta make back that money somehow.

No clue what you see in the Bobcats.

Im going to under the Clippers, but Im holding out hope that the line will get bet higher.

I see a team that's always frisky, especially at home. They always show up to play. They're young and go ten deep, and I love the addition of Kemba.

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Other than Philly, Id go the same way with all the other teams.

Although I now have big action on SA at +750. That price is just unreal.

Ive admittedly never watched the bobcats play basketball, but agree to disagree.

Diaw might push 300lbs. And Maggette might be a professional loser.

showing up to play is a good quality for a basketball team tho! Kemba will be a bright spot.

17 wins isnt alot though and they did win 41% of their games last year. That surprised me.

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I have no futures atm


I have had Chicago Bulls +2 locked in for about a week now (possibly dumb move to bet on a game that early but oh well) and now kicking myself for not taking ml too like i had planned

also looking at Warriors, wont make a decision on that til Sunday tho

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96 minutes into Bobcats Nation and I see no sign they will win 17 games. This being said, I will be going to about 15 games and getting excited when Kemba Walker actually does something that makes us feel for those few minutes, we have a chance.

This team isn't a "run and gun" team like Silas wants to run. They aren't well shooters and they are small around the rim.

sighs, Atleast I still have Cam.

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Marinersheep's Lucky Seven

1. Bobcats OVER 17

2. Cavaliers OVER 17

3. Spurs UNDER 41

4. Pistons UNDER 24

5. Clippers UNDER 41.5

6. Rockets UNDER 33.5

7. 76ers UNDER 36

One at a time here...

I don't like betting on the Cavs or Bobcats to win anything, I honestly can't make the 3rd best player on either of those teams

I will be joining you on Spurs under. With the schedule (more games vs your conference) and age (more games in less time) this team will be one of those that tanks to save their legs but makes the playoffs

Pistons are trash

Clips have youth and two veteran PGs...not sure where to go here. I like this team a lot but that OU seems high

Rockets are trash

I think the Sixers surprise people this year. They're deep with OK talent, nothing special on this roster. However, with a lot of games vs the East (read: Charlotte, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, Milwaukee, and Toronto are auto wins) I think they actually get to this OU.

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