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L.A. Poker Classic with AK and 17bb


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$65 buy-in $100,000 gaurantee; 4-day re-entry (no rebuy); this is 1C

Level 5 (20min levels)

Blinds $75-$150

Starting stacks $3k

I have $2,600

My image thus far is tight, due to completely card dead. I played one hand and won PF.

UTG+3 I get AK. I raise to $400. Two late callers and the blinds.

Flop A23 rainbow

Blinds check

I go all-in, which is pot-size bet

Is this the correct play? I feel any other bet might commit me either way.

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This is played perfectly. There is no point betting less because these bets will all pot commit you. You don't want to c/r because if it checks round 4 people get a free card which is bad. You just need to get those chips from the middle immediately.

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As the above poster stated checking here isn't a good idea because it could get checked around and you allow 4 players to see an extra card. I like the shove here because if one of the other players has an ace you should be able to get a call from them.

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Yeah, I mean you're certainly not thinking about folding here under any circumstances. You got what you needed on the board, and the only way to really think about this is in terms of what you can do to a) make it most likely get someone to double you up and b) avoid letting your opponents get free cards. I don't see any way you can be worrying about being behind based on what's in the pot and your current stack

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