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Pocket 4's UTG...What's the best play?


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Where did I go wrong in this hand....

I know I probably went wrong in this hand, but where?


Live MTT - $250 Buy In


600/1200 Antes 100


I have a TAG image ( just folded a big hand)


Hero UTG w/ pkt 44 ( 22k)

Villian on Button - LAG w/ chiplead at table


Raise to 3200

Folds to button who flats


Flop: 256 Rainbow


Hero - Checks

Villian bets 6000


Hero shoves all in for about 18,500

Button Calls w/ 99


I miss completely.


Obviously I could have just folded preflop...but is there another way to play it? I know there is plenty of information missing. Essentially there was a couple of short stacks who I could've have played for stacks if they shoved, but when the button flat called me I didn't put him on an over pair.

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Fold prelfop with 44 here utg with your stack size. There are going to be to many bad flops for your hand, your out of position and have a weak holding. With your stack size you should be able to find a better spot where u can open shove or resteal vs a raise. I am just open folding small pairs in this spot every time with your stack size.

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Folding this UTG, probably shoving it on the button. Raise/folding is bad with 20 bigs IMO (opinions differ on that subject) so if you were going to put the chips in I'd prefer if you just open shoved...but it's a pretty clear fold I think.

on the cutoff, button and sb it is an easy jam with 44

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on the cutoff, button and sb it is an easy jam with 44

Live MTTs are usually so full of complete morons that push botting an 18 bb stack from the CO and HJ is very far from optimal. They are certainly profitable shoves but to just pushbot there is a pretty big leak imo. Liveaments have completely different standards for pushbotting.

OP, fold pre for sure, and it isn't even close. As played I am cbetting this flop 100% of the time and re-evaluating based on my opponent. Check raising here is horrible because you're folding out worse hands and getting called by better. And I'm pretty unsure how you are unable to put him on a pair higher than 66 here. I think him having 99 here is pretty reasonable in the midst of all of the awful play going on.

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