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Relationship fail scoreboard

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Winter has OT going to some very odd, cold places

the cynicism cant go any farther. we've hit the wall. were completely warped. all i can think of is some sort of mass suicide or some shit like that.

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Dumped, 4, all these girls sucked!

Got dumped, 2, one of these was absolutely heartbreaking at the time,

Currently engaged to an amazing girl, love etc, undoubtedly hotter than SC's wife and hoping not to add to that score in either direction.

Sorry to hear Gregrr, must be tough.

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I've only ever introduced one girl to my family and she broke up with me so i guess im


On the off chance that one person reads and or has a comment I'll explain.

I've dated girls but I never really deemed any of them to good enough to meet my family. This probably stems from my older brother bringing home a new gf in high school weekly and most of the time my parents like the girls more than him. I just never really wanted to go through with all of that unless she was worth it and when I thought she was I arranged and introduction I wasn't pleased with how it went ended up calling my mom a cunt and haven't talk to her in almost 2 years because of it...

Me and said GF broke up for unrelated reasons months later

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haven't had much over 3 months. quite a bit under 3 months. I'd say I'm even on anything under 3 months but over 3 months. I'm 1-2. One was really heart breaking to me, stupid HS love, but still. I was with her for 2 years, her friends started some lies and she believed them and dumped me. Currently with my wife for 6 years next month, married a year and a half.

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3 relationships

1st relationship i was a senior in high school and a freshmen in college. Was not loyal, and was busted many times...safe to say I was dumped

2nd relationship i was 24, we moved into together after 3 months... came home about a year later adn the apartment was empty... safe to say I was dumped

3rd relationship I was 26, we stayed together for 2 years, she was the one... I loved everything about her, and she was very giving to me... safe to say I dumped her.


Cliffs: Dumped 2, Dumpee 1

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easiest way...occasionally you have the ones who come knocking on your door, which is awkward if you answer. I've changed phone numbers to avoid certain relationships

Ive had that happen when I had another girl over TWICE. onetime resulted in my tires slashed the other was just a bunchof crying at my doorstep.

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