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Merge Poker Maximus Team PLB Contest March 4-25

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Will post details for sending money later today. I much prefer a draft, but I don't know if we'll have time. I was hoping to move this along while on vacation, but got stuck having to deal with my real job during my free time. Sorry...

If you're interested in being a captain and are available to do a draft at noon on Sunday (feel free to suggest alternative times on Saturday/Sunday), please post. If we don't get enough captains, whatever...we'll have to have a random draft.

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I would hate to exclude people, but with the schedule this series have it doesn't make much sense to have two tiers; even the low limit guys will be playing like 75% of events.

I can be captain, but can't do it on Sunday, we'll be playing with quite a few tables up. I'd be down for doing it on Friday/Saturday.

I changed the OP to reflect what was agreed upon on the first page. One tier with everything and a low tier with 33 FOs and 11rs. If the low doesn't get enough people, it won't run.

I'm fine with Friday after 6 PM EST/any time on Saturday. Let's see when other captains are available and we'll go from there.

ill be in if we clear up the clusterfk

Don't really think there is one. Pretty sure it was cleared up if you read the entire thread, but is also now reflected in the OP. Let me know if there are outstanding issues.

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