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gags at it again! FT of the sunday 500 1/9

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LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL @ "it was either that or nothing" your the best mr gagliano

ya can't believe that came out...was one of those things you think in your head...then it's all quiet and just comes out...def looked like a dolt saying that. oh well

def got some laughs out of that video/experience

and fwiw, i still like my line in the hand

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ya it was a good run-out that hand, i had Q8...Q8hh iirc.

and actually the flop was QJx the 8 was on the turn, then the river was obviously also another 8

i'm more interested in what jhwang had in the 500 on the Q7356 board when i c/r river and he shoved...i folded a 4, pretty confident he had 98, but either way, still interested

gf gags

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