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eight way deal?

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How could you blame people for making a deal in a tourney that has this huge of payday and also variance out the ass? Making a FT in that large of field is less than a "once in a lifetime" occurrence and with all the money in 1st-3rd, can't blame them at all. Didn't watch to be able and see the average stack at the time, but I can't imagine it was over 20-30bb or so?

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obv didn't watch, I'm a redneck cowboy
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Not to shit on their parade, but that was a hilarious tardfest of a tourney. I watched for the final 100 or so, and seriously couldn't believe some of the stuff that people where doing. There were people with like $0.50 ABIs and like $100 in cashes in the top 18.

When they made the deal there were at least 3 very short stacks, and 3 pretty big ones. Whatever though...GG short stacks.

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i have watched nearly every big (huge) FT over the past year and when this sort of money is on offer - deals are done

the short stack was offered 176k, a far cry from the 60k if no deal done, whilst the big stacks were given over 500k, and in reality they could have been busto in 8th in three hands - 3 bad beats, which you can see from watching happens alot

good on them, but u r right - deals should be done with 5 or less

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you cant judge people on making or taking deals. w/8 fish and 1 good player it might be still good to deal in the shoes of the good player. 500K lifechanging money > dick messurments and saying you prefer to play, risking ±450K in $s... this is lifetime changing money and with 8 donks and me in a tournament like SM I would be happy to deal in this spot.

Look ad Bdbeatslayer last time. same stuff..

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