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Win an iPad this week and thousands more in added prizes - P5s Private Event!

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Non-US P5ers, we're giving away a brand new iPad this week and more than $4k worth of other prizes. All you have to do to participate is enter three $1 tournaments, all at the same time on Wednesday night (March 28th). Anyone can participate and earn any of the added prizes in the tournaments. The only prize that has a special requirement is the iPad. This is explained below... Here are the details:

Site: bwin

Link: Sign up for bwin

Password: p5sipadpromos

Buy-in: $1

Prizes: Five $200 ChampionChip tickets added for the top five finishers

Site: 888 Poker

Link: Sign up for 888 Poker

Password: p5sipads

Buy-in: $1

Prizes: Six LG Tablets will take the place of the prize pool. There will be no cash awarded in the prizepool - only tablets! Players winning the tablets will receive a separate mailer with a code from 888 to get the tablets from their shop.

Site: WPT Poker (skin of party poker)

Link: Sign up for WPT Poker

Password: p5sipadpromos

Buy-in: $1

Prizes: $1,500 in cash added to the prize pool, distributed to the top six finishers


We will be giving away a brand new iPad to the person who wins a special contest by playing these tournaments. In order to be eligible for the iPad, you MUST have signed up and deposited for at least one of the three participating poker rooms (bwin, WPT Poker and 888) through a P5s link. If you have signed up through us in the past, please let us know before the contest so we can verify that! If not, you can sign up any time before the tournaments begin and you'll also get your sign up fee covered and a free first month at P5s Training! *If you already have a PartyPoker account and are signing up for WPT Poker, please contact us by email to check on your eligibility, as there are certain other rules that apply there.

Out of all eligible players in this contest, the player with the best combined finish (scoring explained below) will win the iPad. An example of how the below scoring works: Player A finishes first in one tournament, 6th in another and 20th in a third. This player gets 25 points for the win, 15 points for the 6th place and 10 points for the 20th place finish. That's a combined 50 point score. Full scoring rules and tiebreaking procedures follow. Feel free to post any questions in this thread. Good luck everyone!


Participated but not in top 20 - 5 points

Finish between 20th-11th - 10 points

Finish between 10th-4th - 15 points

Finish 3rd-2nd - 20 points

Finish 1st - 25 points

Tiebreaker #1 - Best individual tournament finish (defined as place finished in a tournament)

Tiebreaker #2 - Second best individual tournament finish

Tiebreaker #3 - Third best individual tournament finish

If you're playing all the tournaments and are going for the iPad, please post your screen names on each of the sites in this thread. This will help us easily track your finishes! To verify a poker site account is tracked to PocketFives, please e-mail support@pocketfives.com.

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is it possible to open the wpt poker tournament for party poker players as well? i have an account on both party and wpt, but i already have a bankroll on party.

If you have an account on PartyPoker, you need to sign up for WPT Poker in order to play, as the tournament is only on WPT Poker. If you'd like to sign up through PocketFives and get one month of PocketFives Training, just clear your cookies and then download through this link:


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bwin - 'mugmaster199' but im not sure if this account is tracked :/

888 - 'Acesteve'

Wptpoker - 'mugmaster200' ive signed up through p5s just now, and already have a partypoker account

I can verify that your WPT Poker account is tracked to PocketFives and that you've made a deposit. I'll send the P5s Training team the e-mail you signed up for P5s with, and they'll contact you with your free training.

We're at about 20 players signed up in each tournament so far, so there's a ton of value to be had. Right now, one in three players will cash in the WPT Poker tournament, one in three players will win a tablet in the 888 tournament, and one in four players will get a ChampionChip ticket.

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WPT liondani_WPT

bwin liondani_win

888 liondani

am i tracked with one of this?

Which site did you click through our links to sign up for?

wpt:reymaniak(today created through ps5 link)


bwin:m4n14k screen name (pokerking6661 acount name)i don't know if i'm tracked! pls can u check!

I'll check to see if your WPT and bwin accounts are tracked to PocketFives and that you've made a deposit.

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We're at 67 players in the 888 tournament, 56 in the bwin tournament, and 37 in the WPT Poker tournament so far... Lots of value to be had right now still... One in 10 will get a $200 ChampionChip ticket in the bwin tournament, one in 11 will get a $400 tablet in the 888 tournament, and one in six will walk away with part of $1,500 in added cash on WPT Poker.

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cant see it written anywhere itt,but looks like the wpt tournament kicks off an hour laterthan advertised, the bwin and 888 are in 15 minutes-ish and the wpt is at 7.30

can anyone else confirm this or is my wpt lagging

I'm registered for WPT 15:00(est) but can't find the 888 game anywhere in the lobby.

edit: that's cuz it started 45mins. ago (lol)... can see it now that I've checked off 'running' box

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