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Merge WSOP seats

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well, no 3rd party can register you for a wsop event, so merge has to give you the cash so you can go register yourself in the wsop...would imagine a lot of people are just gonna take the 10k and not actually play in the main event

All the sites have been going around this (except stars, tilt, ub) and have been regging for you the past few years. Even Bodog will be registering for me this year, not sure how Bovada will work

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Its strange though. PartyPoker says you only get the prize if you are attending the WSOP. How do they enforce this if you aren't able to either withdraw the money ahead of time to register or they register you themselves. I think I have also seen this on BetFred as well, if it wasn't them it was either another I-Poker skin or Ongame skin.

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ok well maybe im not accurate

this is how ap/ub did it

win step 10 its a 12k package u receive 2k within 24 hours the other 10k came in one lump sum approx. 2-3 weeks before wsop

the funny thing is that i would ask them why the wait ,and they said to encourage peeps to go instead of spending the money because they got it so soon,they even did cash back offer if u went, vip parties and some other stuff i forget

another hysterical part was, if a person didnt have enough irl funds to go, you would have a hard time going anyhow ,due to the short time frame/max weekly cashouts

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