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The Swag Rat

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mtstackin88    0

Huge congrats to my brother Francis Anderson the lab rat for his 2nd in the 1k wcoop for 192 racks!!! He played like a boss the whole time and was so due for a big score hes soooo laxxxxed Salud god bless wedabest somos los mejores hussss husssss hooooooooooooooo


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pimpnuho    0

There he is!

Great Job, Bro, Watched for most of the second day. ( Except when my Giants were losing to Dallas asdhfsadaD )

You played like a champion! I was thoroughly impressed. You deserved the win, You Raped that Final table. But we know how MTTs can be even when you are playing a pog

You have come a long way over the last 4 and half years bro. I am very Happy for you!! Keep it up

Well played man!

Good luck rest of Wcoop. I hope you and all your Coast Rica brothers kick ass!

I will be watching jealously form the US where i cannot enjoy playing the Wcoop.

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Getumboy    0


Knew I should've stopped reading OP after first sentence and just posted the grats, now I'm kind of tilted reading laxxxed in a sentence. Almost like hearing someone over the age of 18 using the word chilaxing back in the day.

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bklg01504    0

Congrats man, all the hard work has paid off! Keep crushing rest of WCOOP and definitely good to see one of the good guys with big success

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JoeskyLove    0

So been rewatching the final table, and would love to know wug on the 6b ship over stars pro...I was pretty chubbed, so dont give a man blue balls. One time for the fans...

Pretty sure Franny had AKo that hand....Way overdue for this Francis! Now, make the earth shake some more and run right thru the series...Got em!

Sick life...

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