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Ivey wins 7.3 Million but the Casino doesn't pay out.

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mmmm let´s see... The BEST POKER PLAYER IN THE WORLD "in my opinion" played some sort of baccarat for around $200K per hand winning $11.7 millions (just a bit over 50 hands ahead in 2 nights) What´s so suspicious about it? If the guy is willing to play thats stakes, f... the casino. He earned every single penny.


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so if he gets it, he has 0 excuse to pay back some of the $$ he owes ftp

Great question. If pokerstars is assuming FTP's debts, they are also getting their assets, which include any "loans" payable to Phil Ivey. Hmmm.... wonder if PokerStars can get an injunction preventing that Casino from paying those funds to Ivey. But, is the money his or the hot asian's?

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He was wagering £50,000 and then £150,000 a hand....... the CNN video is silly, obviously. They act like something suspicious was going on just because he won such a large amount, but then they conveniently leave out the stakes involved......... pretty poor for CNN.

Ivey won a lot of money so they're checking to be sure nothing was going on. That's what they should do, especially given his "friend" was suspended from another room. They didn't come out and accuse him of anything. At least its not as ridiculous as casinos that always seem to claim "faulty software" when someone wins a jackpot at a slot machine.........

But yes, let him sweat.

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