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The profitability/unprofitability of snap acting in every spot you have


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I'm having a debate lately, with a friend.

He snap acts every decision he makes on all tables,

He never takes more than a second to decide what he is going to do.

I think this is a complete fucking joke, and a really bad way to play poker.

I'm an open minded person tho, so I brought it here, cause I want to hear other peoples' opinions.

Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion but,

I think to snap act in all spots is one of the dumbest least profitable, least thought provoking ways to play a very complex game.

I can't imagine many of the best regs anywhere always snap acting, occasionally sure, as a level, or even just a knee jerk reaction, but

you have to be costing urself equity and hurting ur overall ROI but simply snap acting in all spots.


Do any of you snap act in almost all spots?

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Making decisions without thinking through them probably wouldnt be the best suggestion for any aspect of your life, so doing it in poker can't make too much sense either. If he has a high success rate in doing so, we obv cant argue that, however if his results do not prove profitable, then his strategy is obv flawed.

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"I read an article by Phil Galfond I believe talking about how Viktor Blom always decides and acts instantly, to make sure he goes with his gut and doesn't talk himself out of things, works for him. But he's a freak so it probably isn't a good idea for most people."

I'm sure you're reading into this a bit too much. He probably means he analyses it, thinks for a second then as soon as he gets a first conclusion. He then acts on it with his first conclusion without considering an alternative again. Not just clicking buttons randomly without consdiering.

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Maybe for some preflop hands but otherwise thats also a leak.

Of course you can't play optimally ....But SNG's are tight at the begining push/fold at the end.

So you can either play 4 SNG's at your prime and acheive a higher ROI ....


You can play 20 SNG's with a much smaller ROI, but a higher return rate per hour

Thats the way I always looked at it ....

i think all you need is a HUD when multi-tabling SNG`s, shows who the regs.fish are so you can adjust accordingly

none of this applies to HS

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