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Novice cash game question


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I sit down to a table with 100BBs. Second hand I am the button with AK off. UTG limps.

Fold to button. Hero raises 3.5. BB and SB folds. UTG calls.

Flop 8 5 3 rainbow.

UTG leads out with pot sized bet.

What now my love?

I dont want to flat here even though I have position.

I 3 bet and Im putting in 20 BBs or a fifth of my stack.

Is fold my best option without any reads

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I think you could deffnitley just fold here, if we think about his percieved limping range UTG in a cash game, what could he be doing this with?

I think hes ussualy going to have small to medium pairs, or a very Merged range, Broadway connectors like KQ, Q10 QJ J10 etc etc, whats interesting is the fact that I think we could rulle out big pairs as I think most players would defnitley be limp 3 betting bigger pairs UTG , if they wished to take that line, so therefore I think we could eliminate Big aces, and big pairs and simply breakdown his range to Broadway hands, or small to medium pairs, or suited connectors, I think 89suited 10 8s etc etc depending on how this player has been playing,.

I dont mind folding the flop since he has bet quite a considerable amount on the flop, I think it highly depends on the player himself and the notes you have on him, some would deffnitley decided to peel there, so its kind of hard to just decide to not peel in position with AK there, But non the less I think a fold is fine.

AK is deffnitley an overplayed hand, 1 thing I believe in is the fact that you should not fall in love with every hand you like.

A winning player can make good calls but a great player can make great folds.

Take it easy and good luck on the tables

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With no reads I'd be inclined to fold. Limping early and then coming out with a strong bet is a flag. He's saying he doesn't care why you were raising preflop he has you beat. My best guess would be a flopped set or he's trying to buy it. With no reads, I'd assume the first and lay it down.

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